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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Easy Holidays

Taking a break from cooking columns too:  

Taking the Time to Breathe

As most of you have gathered, our family holiday festivities were over by the end of the first week of December-but that doesn't stop the errands and such from being hectic around here!

At the moment, Steve took the boys off my hands and treated them to a movie and popcorn with grandpa.

I'm here catching up on e-mails and setting up appointments from 3 days back!  Plus I'm pet-sitting our son's shelties.  Quite a job since Billy is leaving deposits on our brown area rug (ew) and our Lucky is basically telling her friends "don't go near here-it's mine, all mine" with deposits of the liquid kind near the water bowl. (ew)

Lily is refusing to come in off the patio.  Sigh.

The worst of it all?  My shoulder is completely blown.  Yes, seeing the shoulder surgeon on Thursday morning and having an MRI on it Friday morning.  I'm  requesting a hand surgeon while I'm at it-no sense leaving those latest trigger fingers out of the surgical mix since this time they're all on the same side.

Don't actually know what they will or won't suggest, but I'm thinking that since I'm unable to raise this arm without provoking blinding spasms that something past a steroid shot (both haven't worked) and physical therapy (which also hasn't worked) is in desperate need.

I don't do this often, but I'm taking the rest of the week off to enjoy my family and pain (yes, I'm totally sarcastic about the later).

May you all have the happiest of celebrations with nothing but good health.

And, if I wind up taking New Year's week off-see you next year in 2014!

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