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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


what's cooking?

what's cooking?
So what do you all think?  

What's cooking?

Welcome all!
I'm just getting started on this road to cyberspace with a blog I've been thinking of for a while.
My background: I love to bake and cook, I love to critique and muse about things that happen in my life. I started out as a broadcast journalist, went into teaching all age groups and now I am a published author, of sorts, plus-my little twist-I sell designer plumber.
You might say, I take care of everything from top (put the food in) to bottom (sell the fancy toilets for, well you get it)!
I decided to start my blog on Independence Day as a stand for my road back to my roots as a writer.
What's cooking for me this week?
A new kind of fireworks!
Setting the scene:
People-Pretty damn good looking, middle-aged couple
pets-65 pound labrador mix and a 10 pound gray tabby
Master bathroom shower (a 30"x30" space)
attractive middle age couple decide to give elderly lab mix a shower. They leash up the pooch and pull, hard and get her into the confined space. Hubby closes the glass door and leans on it so the pup stays put. Shower water comes on and said pup starts whining away (couple figures she's either cursing at them or pleading to be set free). Wife starts bathing the dog in question while getting both licked and whined at when suddenly sciatic nerve goes out causing excuriating pain-but carries on because there is a boat load of orange hair clogging the shower pan and causing a bath tub to start forming. In the meantime, the gray tabby-who thinks the dog is his mother, is now biting Hubby's toes and shins and howling away trying his best to save his beloved mommy.
20 minutes later-Hubby is still getting attacked by the little guy, the labrador is now clean, the shower clog removed and the Wife is trying to muster up enough strength to shower herself without the add of a vicodin.
And that dear newcomer's was the first round of fireworks for this July 4th, 2006!

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