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Friday, December 23, 2011


Thanks, I Needed That-Maybe

Thanks I Needed That!

My kids are overly generous. No matter how many times we beg them to not buy us gifts-they do.

Many parents would say “just enjoy it, I wish my kids wouldn’t listen to me about this problem you’re having.”

You see, we tell them this because we know how hard they work and we just want them to “gift” us, by putting it away for their retirement. We want them to actually have a chance of having one.

Our son Adam and daughter-in-law Sam surprised me (bowled over really) by getting me an all leather version of my barely one year old La-Z-Boy rocker. (Extra info: both our son and my husband work for LZB, Inc.) I really love my even newer chair, really! But all I could think and dream of was-oh my, they spent all that money on me-what if they need it for some emergency??????

And they did. Billy, the younger of their two shelties, had to have some mighty expensive surgery. While I love them both dearly for doing this for me, I also feel terribly guilty.

Our daughter Sarah and son-in-law Alex, along with the grandkids bought me a group-on for a massage and sent me a beautiful bouquet. I must say, I had the same gut reaction. What if they had an emergency????

Guess what? They did. Even though it’s usually quite warm in Phoenix, they had some mighty close to freezing nights a couple of weeks ago and the pipes in the attic froze. They came home and were greeted by a fallen ceiling, wet insulation and a flooded kitchen and living room. Yes, they had insurance and a homeowner’s policy, but that still was enough to have me cringing.

All 4 told me to just enjoy-please.

I am. I came down with a head cold this week. So I’m in my rocker, drinking hot fluids and blowing my nose in between sneezes. I had already made the appointment to have that chocolate massage when the 24 hour cancellation time passed and couldn’t re-schedule.

Off I went. Garrett, the therapist assigned to help this arthritic granny with the monstrous head cold, was really nice. He asked, “I know you’re supposed to have the chocolate oils, but with that head cold, if you’re not allergic to peppermint, may I suggest my using that? It will help your muscles, joints and especially your sinuses.”

Bless him. An hour later I came out a tad less “tight and knotted” and my head was a bit less clogged. He warned me I’d be sore and apologized.

Apologize? What for? My head still hurts and the post-nasal drip hasn’t left the building but I do feel better-all over-except in the recesses of the ever-present guilt gland.

Happy Holidays to Everyone! May 2012 see us all having better health, much love and hopefully gainful and happy employment.

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