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Friday, November 28, 2008



With Thanksgiving behind us (pun intended)-many of you might not read this until after you return from a long hard day of shopping. Me, I’ll be posting this as usual-right after breakfast and before my shower.

With any luck, I will be serving some leftovers from last nights feast. Hubby and son should be on their way to work-and not happy about it at all. Who wants to get up and work after a pile of turkey and carbs?

I don’t know how you all feel about Black Friday-personally; I’ve only been on the buying end of it once. It wasn’t a bad experience-fun actually. My husband saw an ad for bargain computers at Best Buys and we decided that this was a perfect opportunity to get out kids their Hanukah gifts. We usually give “gelt”, but this was too good an offer to pass up. So my everlovin’ got up at some awful early hour, took our son for company and left to go sit in the cold.

Why he took our son, I’m not really sure. Adam is a lot like me-he is SO not a morning person. He probably groused about the cold, the dark and the lack of coffee. Oops, he doesn’t drink coffee that would be me. But I’m sure the rest applies.

Moving on-both men sat there and waited. My husband knew he was going to have to go to work, so he called me to come down and switch places at 8 a.m... Oh the joy, up and out of the house before coffee, before breakfast and it was COLD. All good reasons for Adam and me to be more than just a little crabby. The store opened, mother and son ran for the computer area and got in line with about 50 other people waiting for our “turn”. We sat on the floor, we leaned on boxes and then we all started talking. Trading stories about who the computers were for, why standing in line for all this time would be worth it and joking around about what idiots we were!

Finally-one person who didn’t have “brain muddle” asked if anyone wanted coffee and donuts from the Krispy Kreme down the street! He and one other gentleman volunteered to go for a good portion of us if we held his spot. We were now into the 10 o’clock hour and we “caffeine-users” were getting a migraine. About 15 agreed. A couple of other men offered to join the first two to help with carrying everything.

We all were pretty happy campers when they returned-cheering for them and thanking them very heartily. Before you ask-no I didn’t eat a donut, but Adam ate the one allotted for me as well as his. He needed his sugar rush and I was in desperate need of my cup of Joe. Junk food has never been on my list of “must haves” and certainly not for breakfast.

As we neared the 10 a.m. hour, a group of about 10 of us were getting to know each other pretty darn well. We regaled lots of funny stories about our Thanksgiving Day feasts, the fact that we must all be completely nuts to be sitting on the floor of the electronic mega-mart for the sake of a computer and what we were going to do once we finally got out of this place. Most of us had plans for a real breakfast, some were continuing on with more bargain hunting and others were going to go back to bed.
Adam and I were the first of our merry band of bargain hunters to have our number called by a salesperson-as we told everyone goodbye-one said “Wait, I think we should get each others names and phone numbers-after all, if we have to do this again next year, maybe we could come up with a more organized game plan for the coffee and donut squad, or maybe figure out a way to turn some of our leftovers into a picnic feast and party!”

We all laughed. The next year we didn’t do any shopping. But I do know of two people who thought of our “party” and if any of the guests were there wondering where we were?

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