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Friday, July 07, 2006


what's cooking?

what's cooking?
Now what?
Okay, I admit it-I am a technodweeb. I wrote my first ever blog, then I couldn't figure out how to actually edit it! Then I tried to post a comment on a friend's blog-I forgot my very much needed password. Does anyone else have this problem?
That's what's cooking this week.
I want to write. I want people to "hit" me (is that really the correct jargon?). However, reality comes into play. How in the world to I continue to do this if I keep forgetting how to even get here?
Many of you are thinking-GO TAKE A COMPUTER CLASS LADY!
Easier said than done. First, I would have to seek out a place to take this class. Then I'd have to adjust my schedule. The hardest part would be to express how important that this class would be to my "career" to my hubby. Right now, our budget is incredibly stretched to an uncomfortable point. How do I approach spending money and more time away for a "career" than has increased our budget by $400 in the past 3 years?
The most embarassing part about being a "technodweeb" is that word gets around fast and the jokes seem to be flying around the room like the wicked witch of the west. If the computer system freezes, about 1/2 the room turn and face me! I don't even have to be near the thing!
Most people are known for their talents at one thing or another. Me (outside of being a published writer of sorts and a really good cook) I'm known for my lack of mechanical skills.
So kind readers, bear that in mind as I continue to try and improve and continue this blog.

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