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Friday, May 04, 2007


To Dad

My parents do not own a computer! It follows suit, they also do not have internet access. However, my parents are two of my biggest "fans". Every month I print out my columns and a few articles and give them the packet to peruse

It was with great upset that my dear Dad mentioned to my sister, "I guess I don't exist, she hasn't written about me at all"

My sister told him "she hasn't mentioned me either Dad, Carine just writes about whatever strikes her fancy at the moment, at least from what I can tell." (By the way, my sister has the internet, but hadn't read anything of mine either until my mom handed it too her)

Then my sister told me about the comment.

So Dad, since your 78th birthday is approaching quickly-this week is all for you. Mom will have to wait to read what will probably be the Mother's Day column next go round.

Dearest Dad,
How could you ever "not exist"? You are one of two main elements of how I have become me. I think things through, long and hard, before I make a decision. Once the decision is made, I stick by it and make the best of the situation. Because of you, I know the value of a dollar and how hard it is to earn it. I'm a saver. I watched you write lists on what you needed to do at work, so I am a voracious "lister"-that's why I'm so organized.

You put everyone else first, yet you know how and when to say NO. Okay, I'm still trying to do that, in that order-gee I love that word NO though, so it's a virtue of yours I am nowhere near a master of.

My complete love and loyalty toward my family was learned from the lessons you taught. Because of the husband and father you are and have always been-I knew exactly what kind of man to look for: honest, loyal, gentle, carrying and with a slightly odd sense of humor. When I found him, I married him. You were quite the role model. Notice how our marriage is still strong and romantic after over 26 years?

Not here? Not matter? Not exist? On the contrary my wonderful father-without you there would have never been a me.

Love, Carine

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