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Friday, September 21, 2012


Crazy? Maybe

Crazy?  Maybe.


What a month we’ve had.  My husband left after breakfast on a Friday a couple of weeks ago and about three-quarters of the way there he called to update me and let me know that he forgot his bed pillows.

Now this may not sound serious-but our sleep “needs”  mean having pillows that cradle our necks.  Steve because he has this snoring thing going on, me because I have those pesky degenerative discs to alleviate.  So his first duty upon arriving at our daughter’s was to unload the crossfire and then drive back to Kohl’s and get himself another set of new pillows.  We only bought the new ones about 6 weeks ago.


This time-they were not on sale with an added 20% off coupon.


We’ve been skyping every night-that’s not the same as being in the same home.  But it’s the best we can do at the moment. 


On the first Saturday, my husband was set to go see the house I saw the week before in the late afternoon.  That morning I was checking out our portal and found a new house had been listed.  It was $40,000 less and 450 sq. ft. larger!  Plus, no pool to contend with-but that’s another story.


I sent a note to the agent and called my husband, sending the link for a pre-look at the second home.


He went with our daughter and saw both-he said he liked the bigger/cheaper house more and was going to see it in the “light of the day” on Sunday at noon.  He still liked it.  The bathroom will still have to have a new tub and shower area-but most of this house, outside of paint and a few taste changes was just the ticket.


As of Sunday night-we’ve got a new and old home.  Monday the sign on our “old” home was put up and I informed the agent that this house needs to sell FAST!  


The rest of my week was spent at doctors’ appointments, covering a story or two and having a goodbye “date” with a PR friend.  I had another one this past week.

We had our first open house-during the most intense heat wave Orange County has seen in years.  It was 108 at 5 p.m...  So the realtor was just happy that we had about a dozen people in.    Pepper  spent some time in kitty day care (pray for me, he hasn’t enjoyed the strangers coming in and out and was grumpy on the first stay and has another one coming up) and I found things to do in the same strip mall.  Luckily for me, there’s a Home Goods/TJMaxx and a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks attached so both kept me cool and occupied. 


I’m already plotting my upcoming canine adoption. 


This past week we’ve also had some sticky situations with the home we bought.  There’s always a “situation” when you buy a home.  In preparation for a possible “fall through”, I have been combing out portal-I found a few, but none as nice as the one we’re holding our breath for-really.


Our daughter’s flying in to go on a girls cruise with her best friend.  Due to this “free” cruise actually costing $800, I bowed out long ago.  Good thing, since I’ve got that scheduled heavy duty hand surgery for Monday and other fun medical procedures.


Notice how everything always happens just when you already have too much on your plate?  Moving would be so much easier and so much more fun if I didn’t have to do it.

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