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Friday, February 13, 2015


Poor Pepper

Poor Pepper

I felt so sorry for Pepper this week.  He’s 11-1/2 now.  Thankfully he’s in good health (knock on wood) and still full of impish behavior-but like all cats, he’s never really cared for loud noises.



This week we’ve had a LOT of loud noise.


Even though we’ve had record breaking temperatures that we’re all thrilled to feel-we all not too happy about the gales pealing through our rather rural community.  With the wind we not only get pushed around while walking, we also get a lot more dust and whistling.


Now that we have security doors I’m able to enjoy letting fresh air into the house.  While Pepper loves to sit on the mat by the screen and sun himself and feel the air-he’s not crazy about hearing the accompanying whistles that come with it.


Speaking of those security doors-after 4 long months and lots of rather curt talks with the store manager we finally have the replacement for the one that’s been hanging there in a very warped condition.  The installer came with it and a much better attitude than the first guy. 


It was my fault on part of the noise.  I remembered to turn off the motion sensors on one side but blew it on the other.  Of course the “other” was where the new door was going in.  First Pepper saw this unknown man.  He ran to one of his hiding spots.


Then the installer made noise with his drill.  That drill set off the motion detector-it was screaming throughout the entire house until I could get a step stool and turn it off.


Pepper glared at me from a hole in his condo.  “Mom, first the whistling, then the drill and now that screeching!  I’m not happy.”


About two hours later, as the installer was finishing up, he accidently moved one of the outdoor dining chairs into the glass door.  It had a sensor on it.  Ack!


Off went the screeching again.  This time I had to open the blinds, find a way to reach it from the couch and get it turned off (and back on as well).


Lucky didn’t exactly love all the noise but she’s a dog and quite social.  So as long as I was within “reach” she was fine with the stranger (she smelled him and gave the okay), she was fine with the drill and even the screeching.  She wasn’t happy about having to stay inside during her usual morning sunbathing hour or getting pushed around the yard when she wanted to use the facilities but managed through the noisy event.


Thankfully the doors are okay and Pepper seemed to forgive me by dinner time.  But we’ll have to start realizing that he’s getting to the point where he just wants to spend his days playing and bathing his dog, chasing after his mini-tennis balls and playing fetch and sleeping.


And that’s okay-now we know he’ll be safe doing so.

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