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Saturday, August 19, 2017



I wish I could follow that by saying I felt so strong and encouraged that I made Steve take me out line dancing, but alas-I cannot.

Monday I decided that enough was enough and took the dogs and walked around the park.  That was an experience.  Lucky's paw is still hurting her and barely made it home.  She's turning into a "pudge" so we've cut back her food.  Poor little baby-she doesn't even eat 1/2 cup of food total in a day as it is and now a diet???  But better than her turning into a sausage.

I came home and rested and followed that by dusting the house.  Again, a rest was needed.

Tuesday came and I again walked around the block with the dogs, rested and then walked down to Adam's to see him and the grands, followed by (I'm sure you're getting the drill) resting before walking home.

Wednesday I decided to walk the "small" side of the tract.  That's a mile.  I did it with Lucky in my arms the last 1/4 mile.  I then proceeded to lie down and do nothing for the next day and a half.

Hence the "two step".

Friday, I didn't walk at all but Steve and I went to go see a very good date movie which was appropriately titled, "The Big Sick".  True story.  I suggest it highly-which as you know means it was really good.  A few of the scenes in the hospital were a bit too close too home, but it was nice to do something fun and in-medical.

Also this week, I mentioned something on our Anthem page on FaceBook which had someone tell me about a support group for those of us with Valley Fever.  I was invited to join the page and I'm finding out a lot of things I didn't know.  Plus, someone who lives really close to me is also on the board and we're hoping we will find a way to gather our strength and meet up for actual face-to-face support.

That would be great!  Steve has been wonderful and supportive and I truly don't know what I would have done without him, but he has no idea what RA is really like or how the fatigue and symptoms from the Valley Fever intermingle with it on a daily basis.

It's nice to have a page to go to share stories and ideas about something few people know anything about-I'm all about facing things head on.  So, here I go-

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