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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Happy July 4th!

Independence Day is a fun holiday. One of my favorites. It’s filled with colorful patriotic displays, creative desserts made with all kinds of berries (my favorite!), music, loved ones and, if you’re really lucky-someone else taking over for you at the grill.

Most years we congregate at my sister’s home-she loves to give a party and so does her neighborhood. It’s usually swimming, if you want and more or less-a progressive pot luck dinner which moves from one home to another until the fireworks displays begin. We usually only see these neighbors during this shindig. Then we go home around 9:30.

This year we are all breaking tradition. Our now 16 year old nephew is in Germany for a student exchange program. Our 14 year old niece and my sister decided to use up points that would go to waste on their vacation timeshare and go to Maui. My brother-in-law has a case to prepare for and my parents are looking to spend my mom’s birthday in the comfort of their home and air-conditioning. Our son and his girlfriend have the new kitten and work-and they have an extra job this holiday that they just found out about.

So, what are we doing? Our daughter decided this is the year to turn us into my parents.

Yes. My parents. How you ask? When our kids were young my parents would take all of us to Palm Springs to celebrate the 3 day weekend. Later my brother-in-law and their kids were added to the party. We’d celebrate my mom’s birthday and my sister’s anniversary. Made for a fun time.

Then good old “P.S” found out that many families flocked to the desert for the pools, luxury hotel rooms and merriment because it was so darn cheap! Also, schedules change, kids grow up and life simply moves on. The trips turned into the parties.

This time around, it’s us who are the grandparents taking our kids. Seems we’ve come full circle. My parents were invited, but they decided to pass.

Hmmmm, maybe their ideas about what is a joyous way to celebrate the 4th has changed as well.

So, this is the reason I’m posting easily this week. I’m packing my new pair of orthopedic sandals, my sexiest bathing suit (okay-if you read between the lines, this means I’m taking my 6 year old black halter suit instead of the 10 year old maillot), a couple of sundresses and plenty of sunscreen.

We’ll still watch the fireworks displays-this time watching Dylan’s face and hearing his toddler chat and watching Aidan’s expressions as to what a 5 month old thinks of the whole event. Our BBQ dinner will still be the menu of the night-except this time courtesy of probably Babe’s at the Riverwalk. We will definitely be using a nice cool pool.

Maybe we’re starting our own “new, old” tradition. It’ll be fun to see how this goes.

One tradition I hope stays intact this year-it’s the one where we come home early and set off our own fireworks of a totally different kind.

Have a safe and sane Independence Day!

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