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Friday, April 18, 2014


So You've Got a Question?

So You’ve Got a Question?


I haven’t done a “Things You Didn’t Know” blog in a while and since I couldn’t really think of much to write about this week-here it is!


But first, I’d be remiss to not do my yearly “Birthday and Anniversary” run-down:

We just celebrated our 33rd Anniversary.  Our son Adam is not only turning the BIG 30 but he and Sam are having their 4th anniversary!  Plus this will be their first year as parents. (Sam’s very first Mother’s Day!).  Our daughter Sarah is turning 32 and her husband will be 33.  Followed by my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, my dad, our youngest nephew and the above sister-in-law’s anniversary rounding out the month.


Now for the questions.  I’ll answer them and would love you to copy/paste it and answer them in the comments!

1-What’s my favorite color?  Black.  I’m not Goth, but black is classy, sassy and easily be for casual or dressing up.

2-What’s my favorite pass time? Being with my family, friends and doing something as simple as taking a long walk in the wash.  Never know what you find!  I shared the photos of everything from birds’ nests in cacti to oddly shaped hot air balloons.

3-Do I miss having a beach?  Yes.  I love the smell of the water; love the relaxing atmosphere and just reading on the sand.  On the flip of that though-I have more than enough sand here, I’m very relaxed about 80% of the time and I do have a pool/waterpark at my complete disposal.

4-Where is your favorite destination for a vacation?  Caribbean, hands down. 

5-If you could have a “coffee” date with anyone who would it be?  Not sure, several people come to mind!  Imagine interviewing FDR or JFK?  I’ve spoken with Teddy K.  and while a great speaker he was a tad self-involved for my taste.

6-Do you ever look back and wonder if you took the “right” road?  No.  While there have been many challenges with all aspects of life, I do like where I am and more importantly who I am. A different road would have changed all of what I love about life.

7-Favorite breakfast?  I love having whole wheat toast with chunky peanut butter, sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey.  My second favorite is hot 9-grain cereal with berries on the side.

8-Taking a cue from Patricia Davis who wrote a blog to her younger self that was picked up all over the country, I guess I’d tell myself that I shouldn’t allow people’s perception of my being a “goody two shoes” to reach for the stars instead of passing on events that would have been amazing to witness.


That’s all I’m able to think about-what about you?

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