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Friday, January 29, 2010


Going on a Road Trip

It’s all set and we’re getting ready to go-yep, you won’t have me around next week. Its part business and part pleasure. It will be part fun and part torture. Who’s going? My husband, our son, his fiancé and me.

Why torture? Well, our wonderful Sam gets a horrible case of the queasies during road trips, I am worse than a child when it comes to sitting in a small confined space for very long and our luggage and birthday presents for the pleasure part will make for very limited stretching. And my husband-he won’t let anyone share the driving. He also only stops if HE has to go to the bathroom.

Plus before the pleasure part of the trip we have to do the business part-going to the Furniture Mart in Las Vegas. I’m not actually sure that Sam and I will have to “do” the mart-but I remember being a child and made to do this event in Los Angeles with my parents for a whole lot of years and I never enjoyed it.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in several columns through the years, but I’ll remind you of my anomaly-I am a woman who hates shopping. Unless it’s produce shopping, I like that. But this is not produce and I can’t just wear comfy jeans and walkers. I actually have to look good.

Try doing that with a cast that doesn’t allow you to zip and button pants! And it’s too cold to throw on a sundress and sandals-so I had to go buy some nice looking pull on pants.

There’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. I found 2 pairs-one is being shortened. It has bright green thread as decoration on the side. Have I mentioned green, of any shade, is my least favorite color in the whole wide world?

I’m sure you’re asking-“then why on earth did she buy them?”

They were purchased because they were one of the two pair that looked decent out of the 15 stupid pairs I tried on.

Don’t ask. Let’s just say being petite has never been a blessing in the clothes department for me.

Anyway-back to the reason I won’t be on here next week.

Before I forget let me mention why the car will be so cram packed-our pleasure part is going to our daughter’s home for our grandsons’ 2nd and 3rd birthday party. Therefore we’ll have 4 people’s luggage and their birthday presents in the cargo area of my PT Cruiser.

We bought them one of those “workbenches”. Complete with tools, table and projects. Seemed like a great idea at the time we saw it, but it sure is a big box.

At least the ride home will be a bit roomier.

Oh-a few weeks ago I told you all that I had found my best friend from junior and senior high school on Face Book-he lives in Flagstaff only an hour and a half away from my daughter and, as the crow flies, on the way to her house from Vegas. We’re trying to work it out that we’ll stop and meet him and his wife for dinner/coffee/reminiscing before we continue on to the rest of the weekend’s festivities!
The last time we saw each other was when we were 18. Don’t worry-we’ve seen pictures of each other, so a heart attack will not be part of the plan.

As for the big party? Before it begins, Dylan, now officially 3 will be playing in his very first T-ball game.
Gotta be there for that! Hope we don’t blind the boys with all the cameras.

Then we will leave immediately after breakfast on Sunday morning to make it back in time to pick up all of our furry kids from their pet hotels.

I offered Sam some of our sea sick pills. I think I’ll take some myself.
Until Valentine’s Day weekend-I bid you a brief adieu.

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