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Friday, January 31, 2014


Labor of Love on Unique Furniture

Interesting story behind the establishment:  

Why is it?

Why is it?

There are people who seem to go through life without many glitches.  Then others seem to live in a constant state of upheaval.  I try to at least keep it somewhere in-between.  I know from 56 years of experience that the more I try to keep things on an even keel-the more things pop-up to throw a wrench into the smooth sounding motor that is my life.


Its things such as:

Why is it doctors order expensive tests that need to be done when you’re trying not to add anything more to your credit card’s monthly bill?

Why is it that while someone you know takes just as many prescriptions as you do, they seem to have hit the lottery of only needing “inexpensive” drugs-while you are sure that your list seems to have been formed by diseases that are only treatable with bottles costing over $50.


Why is it some of us pet parents seem to be lucky enough to only need to go to our family vet once a year for a check-up and booster shots.  Others-well, they spend more on keeping their beloved fur babies healthy that they do for the human members of the family.


Why is it many people amble along rarely even catching a cold while some people seem to have been born with immune systems that maybe should have seen fit to add a bubble home around them?  They’ve always got some ghastly thing going on in some part of their glands or have somehow hurt themselves in ways that make you wonder if they somehow missed the day of fetal formation that included strong bone structure.


Why is it while every family has to have one person that should be registered as “trouble-causer” on their government ID cards-some families and their “trouble-causer” seem to have to constantly be both reprimanding them and working with them to get them out of their latest social disaster? 


Why is it people are attracted to someone very unlike themselves?


Now, I’m not saying all men do this, but why is it important to watch as many loud and awful movies, TV shows or TV movies as humanly possible?  Why is it that watching something good is a foreign concept?

Why is it women-since I am an anomaly, love to go shopping?  I don’t get it.  There is one thing I will never, ever need:  Retail Therapy.  Now, meet me at a really good coffee place or a produce market and then I understand.  I love checking out produce.  That I understand.  Coffee, I understand.


Why is it a doctor’s office reminds you of an appointment with a taped message that you cannot understand anything they’re saying?


And with that, I’m thinking it’s time to close my rant on “Why is it?” 

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