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Friday, May 22, 2020


2020, You STINK!

I am not impressed by 2020!

Besides the fact that we've all been isolated other things have just gone horribly awry.

If you could spend any time scanning one of my blogs you know I have mobility issues which bring on great pain. as a sort of sit here I can tell you that since last Friday when I posted I blew out my back for the fourth time since this year began!

The difference is that this time it became so severe that I have not slept since last Thursday night. I did all the usual things I have been told to do and it was working. I was supposed to have the beginning shots to help my knees however the nurse practitioner didn't want to do it because I was in so much pain already that she was afraid this would only make it worse.

So off I went to pain management. He just looked at me behind his mask and said well I'm between a rock and a hard place. Thanks to 2 combating autoimmune diseases, I can't have an epidural or site injections to relieve all the inflammation and spasms and with the ulcer I can't even have an NSAID.

Despite the fact that when I take a painkiller I throw up I was so in need of sleep and in so much pain the doctor and I decided throwing up may be preferred over what I was now screaming in pain and crawling the walls with.

Off I went to first take the anti-nausea pill. I waited just the way I was told and eat at that point some lunch enter the pill. According to the pharmacist it should have taken 30 to 60 minutes to feel some relief. Lucky me it only took an hour and 40 minutes! But on the flip side of that it was the first night that I was able to get 3 hours of sleep.

Next morning I did a repeat all the anti nausea / pain meds. 4 hours later I gave my breakfast back to our local porcelain bus. As it came time for the second dose of the day I had found myself dozing on and off in bed.

Here I am on day number 3 and I have found myself thinking that this is actually a better way than having the spasms that we're shooting from my sciatic nerve down to my big toe. The girls are not thrilled with me as I have not been able to walk.

Thankfully I got 4 hours of sleep last night but I was still up at 4 a.m.. At least I got laundry done, dishwasher emptied (with lots of eye-crossing pain), dogs potties and fed and made myself some stomach friendly tea and toast.

Waiting for the inevitable to occur. How can one year suck so much???

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