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Friday, May 11, 2012


I Love My Job

I’m Not Going to be Rich, But…

I love my job.  This week has been quite a dichotomy, of sorts.  Work wise (here’s the part about loving my job before I go off on a probable tangent), I had a few very interesting interviews for about 3 articles.

The first (in order of days) set of interviews were about both the Rotary Club and Laura’s House.  A public relations friend, whom I’ve worked with on several angles/stories on Laura’s house (a shelter program for domestic violence victims); set me up with a woman from a local Rotary Club and a counselor from the shelter.  The counselor was representing the shelter at a fundraiser created by the club all based on my favorite program:  Dancing With the Stars.

Interesting how something fun is creating an avenue for not only this non-profit but 5 others to raise awareness and money for their causes.

On to my next interviews.  This is going to be a feature on a Legacy Program created by Saddleback Memorial Hospital’s Volunteer coordinator and a volunteer for the hospice program.  Basically it’s based on Reminiscing-where a list of questions are asked of those in hospice to create not only a CD of their life’s story, but is then translated and typed out with pictures added to create a biography for the family.

I interviewed the Volunteer coordinator, the volunteer who “took the bull by the horn” and put the program together and, the piece de resistance-I interviewed a lovely lady in hospice.  She and her husband welcomed all 3 of us into their home.  Both are holocaust survivors. 

You would think this would not have been an upbeat morning-but you’d be very wrong.  We all left her feeling that she was a wonderful lady and he was a gentleman who was a very loving husband.  I’m a better person, I hope, for having met her.

Last-a story on a 95 year old man from Iran who after living here for 7 years, decided that despite his family only speaking Farsi to him-that it was time for him to learn English.  With the help of the South Coast Literacy Council and two of his teachers-he’s an inspiration for all those in his class of 12.  Even though he has trouble seeing, he comes every week and then at exactly the end of the class-he reminds his teacher that it’s time for him to leave and go visit his wife who now lives in an Alzheimer’s Board and Care.

As if this isn’t enough-I found a note in my inbox from Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Yes, I’m in the last stages of another piece being considered for another book.  This story is also about my husband and his positive push to be on a TV show and how against the odds-got on and won.

Wow, look at me-I managed to tell this week’s entry and stay on subject after all.

I must really love my job.

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