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Thursday, December 04, 2014


Two Steps Forward

One Step Forward…


That Paula Abdul son about “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” just keeps on sticking in my craw.


Now that my shoulder moves, my neck and lower back are back to giving me nothing but grief.  I started physical therapy on my spine about a week before being released from the shoulder work.  About half way through the shoulder torture my thumb on that side went into full “trigger” mode.


Last time that happened I wound up have the other thumb and pointer finger cut into to release those tendons.  This of course led me down the path of discovering that I have a congenital disease called Dupuytren’s Contracture.  That, in turn, had me in the OR to have my hand sliced open so the surgeon could rip out the cord in my palm that was pulling my fingers down to my palm.


I had discussed the trigger thumb with my rheumy at the last appointment.  She was more concerned about the frozen shoulder.  It was more serious, but now the thumb was waking me up because I would try to move it during the night and the ensuing pain would wake me up.


So at this latest appointment-seeing I am now able to move the shoulder-she injected the thumb with steroids.  The nurse called it my “Hanukah” present.  Seems I can’t get away from steroids shots.


I was told not to use the thumb for a few days.  “It’s also going to throb, so use some arnica gel and ice packs.”


I did, but as of now, the thumb is still very painful and it doesn’t move all that well.


PT on the back is also hard work.  Besides the rather painful therapeutic massage I’m being re-trained on how to stand, sit, stoop and after over 40 years of back exercises-I find out that all of it was not doing me any good.  Sigh.  Well, it did some good-I’ve always had a flat stomach (okay, not during my pregnancies, but I’m pretty sure that was a given).


So here I am, sore but working shoulder, neck and lower back on fire, sacroiliac giving me pain down to my foot, the hips hurting and a thumb that makes people think I’m trying to hitchhike.


I made a call to my “shoulder” guy-he has a colleague that does hands.  Off I go to him in a couple of weeks.  And while I’m on the subject of my hand-good news on that!  While I noticed a “cord” popping up in the hand that didn’t get ripped open-in the 2.3 years since the first surgery the medical profession has found a way to get rid of the problem via some sort of injections which will melt the threads and make them dissolve.


Looking forward to this less invasive way of having full use of my hand.


One thing that’s good about me, I’m not afraid of needles. 


Steve and I also decided we had to do something about our spectacle situation.  His were a mess from leaving them wherever he dropped them.  Mine-well, I’ve had them for 8 years and since the first car accident and black out, I’ve noticed I’m not getting as much out of my implants as I once had.


Love the new optometrist-she’s practical, thorough and quite friendly.  Steve managed to get 2 pairs for both sun and daily wear.  I however-well, it appears that conk on the head and my disc problems have worked their way into creating a problem with my view of the world.

Of course:  new frames, prisms in the lenses and then all the bells and whistles I had in my old glasses.

I decided that since I’m making the change that I’ll have glasses that will match my car.  Yes, I’m going candy apple red.

Why not?  I’m thinking all that red will remind people on the road to STOP short of coming near me.

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