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Friday, October 08, 2010


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No Rant for You This Summer

But Baby it wasn’t Hot Outside.

I know you all missed my yearly rant about the heat and my husband not letting us use the air-conditioning. Admit it-you were wondering why I never mentioned the steaminess of the house, the fact that my wearing the least amount of clothing was not helping the sweat dripping down my armpits and the swooning into a complete faint due to the temps rising to over 85 in my office.

Here’s the reason-the heat never arrived! Nope, not until a couple of weeks ago as Fall ushered its way in the door. And even when our temperatures hit over 100 during the day-it cooled down at night to a point where the whole house fans made us quite comfortable.

Except for Pepper, our tabby-seems the little guy has some nasal allergies to something out in the yard. We know this because when he would wake us up in the morning (that’s his job around here), along with nipping at our ears and noses-his own nose seemed to drip onto our faces.

Ew-really ew.

Nevertheless, most of this summer I typed away in fairly moderate comfort and refrained from my yearly tirade. This was obviously very much to my husband’s relief.

Now that Autumn is well underway-we’ve had not only blistering daytime triple digit temps, but humidity that could rival anything back east. Yes, we went to get our flu shots the other day-the thermometer at the hospital said 101, it was pouring rain and all the nurses working the “drive-thru” event were soaking wet from both the heat and the rain-AT THE SAME TIME.

So were we. I wore some shorts and a tank top and as soon as we turned off the air-conditioner and opened the window-I was dripping as much as the medical personnel.

One weather reporter was already mentioning that SoCal may completely skip Fall and just slide right into winter-hmmm, did he forget that summer never actually arrived?

As I sit here plugging away at my daily assignments I’ve noticed that I’ve witnessed the following: pouring rain, a rainbow, glimpses of sun and blowing wind. Not bad variety for a morning of work.

Speaking of noticing the weather-I’m going to have to stop now and push our great-grandma lab mix out the door-she’s been holding “it” most of the day-she hates going out to do her business in anything but “Southern California Perfect”. Can’t blame her attitude-my treadmill has had more use in the last week than in all the rest of 2010.

What about your hometown and its local weather curmudgeon? Have they been more or less vocal about the discomforts of the outdoors? I’d love to hear!

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