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Friday, August 07, 2015


Windows 10

Hello everyone, As you can see by how my entry published, windows 10 has decided to make my life miserable for a while. I.E.-until I figure out why it's ignoring my paragraphs. I also took pictures of Jackson's birthday which my computer will now not let me upload and share. I've said it before and I'm saying it again-I really hate technology.  

That's 1 Really BIG CD!

That is one BIG CD Aidan is a very observant 7-1/2 year old. The other morning he came into the office and asked about Steve’s multi-purpose music player. Sarah had given it to him several years ago as a birthday present. It’s one of those units that play the old-fashioned vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs. We have quite the selection of 33-1/3 vinyl from not only OUR youth but several from Steve’s parents that he felt he had to keep for some reason. Not music either one of us would consider listening to-think Polka and the like. Must be a nostalgic thing. We have no cassettes left; as whatever ones we had when the kids were little either fell apart or we gave them to Steve’s sister Ila when she had our nephew. Obviously we had a LOT of children’s song tapes. We have a good amount of CDs that Steve has burned through the years as well. Back to Aidan, he was asking me about the “hole” for the cassette. When I explained that cassettes were what grandpa and I listened too in the car before there were CDs he was amazed that we could hear anything coming out of something inside a plastic casing. Then he asked if he could listen to our GIANT CDS. I looked at him. “What are you talking about, Aidan?” He pointed to the stack of vinyl on the bottom of our open-air cabinet. I held in a laugh-after all, he had no idea what “records” were and how we all would sit around our rooms with our friends and dance to them! When I pulled one out and told him about how it worked, he was totally amazed. “You mean you were allowed to use a needle and you didn’t get a shot-it just let you hear music?” Pretty much, yes-that is what all of us baby boomers did. He asked to listen to one of the “giant CDs”. I told him this was grandpa’s phonograph player and we’d have to have him okay our using it or let him put the record on. That held Aidan until grandpa came home. Grandpa said it was too late to play at the moment but next week for sure. Aidan also wanted to know what other “cool, old stuff” we had-our answer? We pointed at each other. Now for a really big thing I’ve got to share: Jackson is now officially 2! Happy Birthday to our youngest grandson!!! XOXOXOXO

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