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Thursday, February 20, 2014





The car gods hate me.  I know this to be a fact.  As you may well know I was in a pretty horrendous accident that has yet to be “behind” me almost 16 months ago.  I lost my beloved 10 year old PT cruiser.


This past weekend another truck decided to test the rules of traffic and safety laws and took off the front of my new car.  The difference is that this woman took complete responsibility for her lack of good driving decisions.  Word is still out on whether my car has suffered only cosmetic and convenience problems or if it’s more serious in nature.


We were given clearance to get a rental, so Steve took me.  10 minutes after leaving-I hear a noise, on the freeway.  A guy is flailing at me to pull over.  On the freeway!  I smell something.  I pull over.  On the freeway.


Guess what???? A woman on the off ramp stops and runs at me with a fire extinguisher in her hand and screams at me to get out!!!   “Lady your car's on fire!!!”


Smoke begins to flood the damn rental.  I get out.  She douses the flames.  A semi pulls over-sees the continuing flames and he uses his extinguisher.


This very nice woman calls 911.  I call Steve.  He saw the fire while passing me and said to himself, "I'm thinking that car looks exactly like the rental we picked up."  Decides that it couldn't possibly be me-until he hears the phone ring.


By the time he turned himself around-5 officers and a fire engine are hanging out with me and my fire bomb.


I'm on the phone with the rental people.  The firefighter tells Steve that it was only about 2 minutes from exploding with me in it!


Per the firefighter, it seems the electrical system burned out and took the fuel lines with it.


I decide to call it "the client killer car".  The manager of the rental agency was only slightly amused and swore that they most certainly didn’t mean to loan me a defective car.


We left the burned out Kia on the freeway to wait by itself for the tow truck.  I’m now driving a Dodge Dart.  Basically, my car in Dodge form.  I'm exhausted and so fed up I can’t see straight. 


Whatever I did to the car gods-I'm willing to appease them with whatever offerings they desire.  All I can say is that I hope my own car fairs better than the Kia. 

Steve told the officers that he’d like them to ask for my license.  He said he doesn’t feel comfortable having me near a motor vehicle.

I think he may be serious.

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