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Friday, July 31, 2009


Please-No Autographs - MORE Magazine

Please-No Autographs - MORE Magazine

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It’s that time of year again and like birthday season, it shows up like a bad penny. Birthdays are fun, but what I’m talking about just isn’t: THE HEAT.

Now I love a good warm sunny day, more than most. I move better, I feel better and I like to think I look better. Even with the coating of SPF 30, I still tan-so my normally olive skin turns a very lovely shade of golden bronze. In plain language, I don’t look greenish and as if I’m just getting over being close to death.

However, 95 degrees with medium humidity and contractors who may or may not show up-well, the situation just makes me plain cranky. Plus I’m going to remind you of something that you don’t care about: MY HUSBAND DOESN’T WANT TO USE THE BLASTED AIR-CONDITIONING!

He swears it’s because he wants to help the environment, but I know it’s to keep our electric bills down-no fooling me or Adam and Samantha. We are all dying a slow and mighty uncomfortable death.

Then to add to our discomfort-some fool on the news actually reported that turning down you’re a/c to less than 83 was actually a health hazard! I’ll bet my husband fed him the information with hopes of making us less vocal about our discomfort. But now he says he has back-up proof that he’s really saving us from ourselves.

He does appease us by opening up the windows a crack and turning on the whole house fan after it gets dark. Although, the instructions say to only use the unit if it’s cooler outside than indoors. That’s not that hard to do, really. The other night we ate on the patio at 8 o’clock. It was actually still 78 out, but it was still better than the breakfast/dinner nook.

So here I sit, typing away in my office. Ever try being creative when you can’t see straight? Nope not a word-the heat rising is causing those waving lines like you would normally see in desert scenes in the movies. (Okay, okay, I’m getting just a tad melodramatic on that last line, but just a tad)

And as if the heat and sweat aren’t enough-the fans only circulate the hot air! Whoever invented room fans could have and should have found a way (I think) to make them cool it down in some way.

Personally, if I were a man married to a 50-something postmenopausal woman, I would seriously entertain keeping the a/c at about oohhh 75. Yeah, I could live with 75 and be a lot less b-i-ztch-e.

When we ran our daycare/preschool my hubby justified keeping the a/c down to 78 to keep the little ones comfortable. He does the same when our grandsons, Dylan and Aidan come over.

I’m thinking seriously about ways to have them move in with us.

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