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Friday, March 06, 2015


It's an Art

It’s an Art


Life is an art-think about it. 

We learn to juggle home and work lives.  We learn to get the most out of our waking and sleeping hours.  We constantly use our ability to change to either accommodate others or our ever-lengthening list of “must dos” to help us seamlessly move from one item to the next.


It’s truly an art.  Maybe one of the more futile ones, but an art nonetheless.

This past week I had 2 major doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, blood work, met a friend for coffee, did the shopping and errands with Steve, ran back and forth to Adam’s house twice daily to feed the cats while the dogs hung out with Lucky and Pepper at our house.


Naturally, I had to be home as much as possible while doing all of this because, well, we didn’t want to leave 4 trouble-causers unattended for more than a brief amount of time.  Oh and we had the older boys after school.


With the exception of the houseguests, this is pretty much our norm.  When someone mentions “Let’s get together once things calm down.”  We’ve got to chuckle!   After all-things will not be calming down.  So we might as well just find a way to add whatever it is we would like to do to the calendar and hope for the best.


After coffee with my girlfriend we realized as we were saying our goodbyes that it would really be fun if we could plan another day trip.  Our last one was way back in September when we took the day to drive to Tortilla Flats and do a paddleboat cruise and enjoy our favorite Italian beef (you’ve probably guessed I had a grilled fish sandwich) hoagies.


We agreed it would be fun to head out for the day to Sedona and then to Jerome.  Of course this brought up the “schedule”.  My friend is working some crazy hours at her part-time job.  Her hubby isn’t working that many hours but the ones he is working seem to be opposite of everyone else’s.  Then there’s Steve who just had his days off changed.  I’m the most flexible since I accept only the assignments I can work in between my various medical sessions and child care duties.

Little did I realize that when I tell someone I’m in the “arts” that what I would be talking about was the art of planning and filling out a calendar.

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