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Friday, May 15, 2009


Getting Older

Where did the time go? We’re at the end of the “birthday” season here in “family land”.
It started on April 24th-our son Adam turned 25. Oh my word! I’m not only a grandma, but my baby is ‘A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD’.

There are definitely days were I feel “my age”. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting here thinking, “I know I took my anti-inflammatory almost 3 hours ago, why am I so achy?” I believe it’s a combination of being 51 and having RA. Either way, I’m not all that youthful feeling at the moment.

Another thing I can’t believe-my dad turned 80. Yes, on May 15th my dear loving father clicked into another decade.

There have been times that we were just happy he made it to any year. The year he had a valve replacement and open heart surgery comes to mind.

He’s strong my dad and stubborn. Through the years, I grew to be strong and stubborn as well. The traits have served us both well.

Dad doesn’t follow the guidelines given to him by his cardiologist, his internist or his nutritionist. He never has. He thinks exercising is something for the “idle rich”-he worked for a living, so he shouldn’t have to do anything. His idea of exercising is walking to the end of the driveway and bending over to get the paper. Oh, and throwing their Chihuahua’s toy across the room a couple of times during the week. He only listens about watching his diet and admits to being a diabetic when it’s convenient for him.

This causes quite a stir-my sister and I are always on his case. We want him around for years to come. He wants to be here too-but he doesn’t want to give up simple carbs and red meat. He doesn’t want to do something as simple as walking either.

Mom also has a heart condition and diabetes, but she does watch her diet and does as much walking as anyone can in 2” heels. That’s another story.

They’re quite the pair. A bit like my husband and myself. Although I’ve always been a firm believer in the benefits of daily exercise. Even when I was in that non-weight bearing cast for 3 months, I still did stretching exercises on my upper body. Hubby, not so much. If I get the guy to walk with me to the local bagel shop on either Saturday or Sunday for breakfast and back home-he thinks he’s up for a gold medal.

I’m admittedly anal about what goes into my body and taking care of it. Hubby goes on jags of health kicks. Nothing stable. How he’s kept his “figure”, is beyond me. I send him with breakfast and lunch and I don’t think anyone but me has made dinner most of our marriage, so I know what he eats during meal times, but it’s the between meal snacks that he goes out and buys that would make many cringe. He has come home with beef jerky, chili cheese Fritos and a bottle of full sugar Dr. Pepper to enjoy during TV time too many times to count. Ew.

Speaking of getting older and exercising-I’m doing one just because the clock is ticking and I’ve just got to get up and do the other.

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