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Friday, January 28, 2011


Too Busy

Busy and Sick-I'm not cooking at the moment  

More Reflecting

More Reflecting

Have you noticed that when you have almost too much to do that your body revolts?

Last week, I woke up and my head was so congested that it felt like a bowling ball. I decided to blame it on my allergies and walking at the horse trails. By Friday, I couldn’t deny it any longer.

I was sick. Not just ANY sick, but the kind of sick that makes you wish for a drug induced coma sick. We’ve all been there-you know of what I speak:

Head so full that you swear you’re drowning. You’ve sneezed so much that your sciatic nerve is screaming and your teeth hurt from all the blowing. That your face looks like you didn’t use those wonderful lotion infused Kleenex, but sandpaper instead. Oh, and your significant other is wondering “why did I stand in line and give my driver’s license information to buy that now controlled substance if it’s not helping in the least with this symptoms?”

Your ribs hurt at just the mere effort of inhaling. Coughing, which is constant, even after you’ve taken the latest and greatest of over the counter 12 hour cough syrup, is making you wear a perpetual wince from the expected pain.

The thermometer says you have no “fever” yet you’ve got both a severe case of chills and you’re clammy and sweaty-all at once.

I swear my auto-immune disease decided-hmmmm, our hostess has several deadlines and a few important meetings plus she’s got a party and a trip to Arizona to see her grandkids for their birthdays this week, why don’t we make this interesting?

And to add to her misery, let’s make her throat so sore that even drinking hot tea and honey makes her shudder-and hey, don’t forget the laryngitis.

So yes, I’ve had an absolutely horrendous week. I had to wear a mask while interviewing a young man and his surgeon prior to a corneal transplant so I wouldn’t infect anyone at the facility. I went to the party-with enough foundation on my face that it took me about 10 minutes of screaming to wash off after we got home.
As for the weekend in Phoenix-I’m leaving in a few hours-of course by plane-I’ll let you know how that goes.

The last time I flew with sinuses ½ this bad I was airsick from take-off to about 30 minutes after landing. Per our son Adam, who was sitting next to me-I scarred him for life. To this day-he says if we have to go on a plane at the same time-he wants to sit at the opposite end.

So honey-get ready. Of course, I guess it doesn’t matter as hubby woke up with the darned thing this morning

As for the grandkids 3rd (Aidan) and 4th (Dylan) birthdays-I promise as much as I want to kiss them from head to toe, I’ll restrain myself and make Uncle Adam and Auntie Sam give them twice as many.


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