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Friday, March 15, 2019


Feeling Melancholy

It's so true-the older you get, the faster life speeds right by.

I can't believe it will be a year that my mom has been gone on the 16th.  So much has happened.  And on the same note-so little has happened.

Last year, Adam and I took the kids to California for a visit.  We knew that my dad had a bad cold and that my mom caught it.  But we had no idea that we'd never see her alive again.  She was looking quite the picture of health when Sarah and I had gone out with the boys for New Year's.

Considering that just the year before she had been put on hospice, every day was truly a gift.

Then her mental stubbornness and her physical decline clashed for the last time.

It's been particularly hard on my sister, since she's the one "there".  Dad is miserable in his situation and has declined quite a bit.  He is not able to dress and wash himself without the assistance of his caretaker.  He falls a lot, despite having a walker with an attached seat.  Every day my sister holds her breath as to what call she'll be getting.

This morning it was that he was anemic.  When she arrived to pick him up to go take his test, she found his face quite swollen and several other things that had her go NOT to the lab, but to urgent care.  As I'm typing this, she's still there.

Of course my sister isn't the only family member spending a lot of time with medical personnel.  Nope, yesterday at work Adam's head started to feel as if it was going to explode and his eyesight was off.  Turned out he had a severe ear infection.  In fact, the ER doctor said a couple of more hours, it would've burst!  But his ear didn't hurt.

We won't bring up my constant visits to various specialists.  I've just decided to join the "It is what it is" club and let it go at that.

The weather around here is certainly not helping.  This week we're still having our mornings start out in the upper 40's, full gale winds and rain.

Today started out with the extreme cold (The Weather Channel said, "45 but feels like 38" but then at noon, something really fantastic happened!  Wind died down to a breeze, air heated up to 67 and the sun came out.

Let's hope it's an omen.

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