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Friday, June 03, 2016


Proud Grandma

By now, if you read my musings at all, know that my family is my everything.  Let's face it, who would leave a recently and totally remodeled home and a fairly decent writing career to move to the outskirts of the suburbs of Phoenix just to be with their kids/grandkids if it wasn't "her everything"?

The older boys got out of school this past week.  The last day was Thursday and the boys were spending the night (Dylan and Aidan).  When we got to the house Dylan handed me his report card.

Our Dylan made the honor roll!  This was NOT an easy achievement, I assure you-his third quarter was, for lack of a better word, mediocre.  So thanks to tutoring, help from parents and especially a particular grandma, he managed to boost his grades to all A's!!!

Go Dyl!  On to the 4th grade.

Aidan also made some fantastic leaps and bounds in raising his grades and will enter 3rd grade when school restarts in mid-August.

Our youngest and only grand-daughter Bryce is now 6 months old, finding her voice, has probably 2 teeth (I say probably because I got nipped but wasn't going to ask to see the actual rough spot in her gums) and is sitting up fairly well.  She also has the required baby roll-crawl down to an art.

Now for Jackson, about to turn 3 in August and has powers of observation that are quite outstanding for a tyke his age!

A bit of background-Steve and I had a LOT of points to use up on a credit card and decided on ordering magazines as opposed to other items we had no need or room for in the house.  One of them was Men's Health.  Steve never reads the issues, but I do and then I hand them over to Adam.  The latest one is the one that creates this anecdotal along with our Jackson.

Adam had put the magazine on his nightstand.  The front cover had a man in workout clothes:  shorts, tee-shirt and running shoes.  The back cover had a man dressed up in a business suit.

Jackson found the magazine and began looking at it.  Then he looked at Sam and pointing to the front cover said, "Look, daddy home!"  Then he turned it over to show the back picture of the man in the suit and told her, "Look, daddy work."  From there he went back to showing "Daddy home, Daddy work" numerous times to prove that he knew exactly what he was trying to show his mom.

Not to brag (but I feel I have a right here), but I think that's pretty darned observant for a boy of 2 years and 10 months.

As for summer plans?  Since I'll have the older boys Wednesday/Thursday and every other Friday, I've signed them up for the library's reading program, the program that the library is doing in conjunction with the Arizona Science Center and extremely early trips to the park and splash pads.

In fact, the neighbors and I who have been walking together since the beginning of the year have realized that since the temps are in the upper 80's by 8 a.m., that we're going to try going at 6 a.m. in the morning.

This should be interesting.  I barely move at that hour-nothing in my body works until after 7.  But we knew the day would be here when we'd have to make the move to this horrible hour.  Ick.  But the alternative is to use the treadmill. 

One of the best part of the day is walking and chatting with my new found buddies-Cross your fingers for me, things could get ugly.

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