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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Technology has it's merits

Many's the time I have cursed technology. This week has been no exception. But it has it's merits as well as its de-merits.
I'll start with the "de-merits". According to a free-lance website, they have purchased 3 of my articles-I'm actually getting paid! Sort of...
I had to sign up for a paypal account. Following the directions seemed easy at the time, really. Whatever paypal said to do, I did it. Then they sent me an e-mail to "verify" my account. I clicked on and tried, a lot. It kept telling me my e-mail address was incorrect. If it was incorrect, how did they sent me the request to verify the account? I had my husband and son look it over. I decided maybe I wrote my password down wrong and sent them a request to send it to me. They in kind, told me how to re-set my information. I printed it out and followed it to the letter, again (okay and again, several times). No matter what I did, it was not letting me verify my account and get my money! I sent them two e-mails requesting their help, no reply.
Figuring I might be able to get some help from the website that was paying me, I sent them an e-mail, after 5 days, no response from them either!
My husband said, the piddling amount they said they would pay me wasn't worth the time I was putting in to try and get what was rightfully mine.
Now it's the principle of the whole thing! I wrote the articles, I sold the articles, I want the money for them. Is this too much to ask? Not when you work hard at something.
Hopefully, someone from either site responds soon-seems I only have 30 days to get remittance and then the website takes back the offer! Maybe that's their idea and I'm too much of a technodweeb to admit it.
Now on the flip side: the good part of technology.
Our daughter and son-in-law just had a 3-d ultrasound DVD made of their baby-to-be. Our eldest child e-mailed me six pictures of my grandson. Also, they will be coming over tomorrow so I can see the DVD of the little one in action. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that you could experience such an event? Think of it-it's not just a murky shot of something in a black and white Polaroid that no one really can identify, but a movie of a baby playing in it's mother's womb!
25 years ago, we didn't even get a Polaroid of our daughter in-utero! That was reserved for only pregnancies that were high risk. Now parents-to-be have parties to watch a baby before it's even viable!
And this DVD is supposed to be in color! How can anyone not marvel at such a miracle?
Technology will probably always frustrate and anger me, but I also love the idea that humans have such creativity and skills that can make life so exhilarating. Truth be told, I would dearly love to take a class to learn more about the technological sciences, just so I can have an understanding on how the miracle of watching this new life can actually be happening.
Plus maybe I could get those same geniuses could help me get my money!

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