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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Technology has it's merits

Many's the time I have cursed technology. This week has been no exception. But it has it's merits as well as its de-merits.
I'll start with the "de-merits". According to a free-lance website, they have purchased 3 of my articles-I'm actually getting paid! Sort of...
I had to sign up for a paypal account. Following the directions seemed easy at the time, really. Whatever paypal said to do, I did it. Then they sent me an e-mail to "verify" my account. I clicked on and tried, a lot. It kept telling me my e-mail address was incorrect. If it was incorrect, how did they sent me the request to verify the account? I had my husband and son look it over. I decided maybe I wrote my password down wrong and sent them a request to send it to me. They in kind, told me how to re-set my information. I printed it out and followed it to the letter, again (okay and again, several times). No matter what I did, it was not letting me verify my account and get my money! I sent them two e-mails requesting their help, no reply.
Figuring I might be able to get some help from the website that was paying me, I sent them an e-mail, after 5 days, no response from them either!
My husband said, the piddling amount they said they would pay me wasn't worth the time I was putting in to try and get what was rightfully mine.
Now it's the principle of the whole thing! I wrote the articles, I sold the articles, I want the money for them. Is this too much to ask? Not when you work hard at something.
Hopefully, someone from either site responds soon-seems I only have 30 days to get remittance and then the website takes back the offer! Maybe that's their idea and I'm too much of a technodweeb to admit it.
Now on the flip side: the good part of technology.
Our daughter and son-in-law just had a 3-d ultrasound DVD made of their baby-to-be. Our eldest child e-mailed me six pictures of my grandson. Also, they will be coming over tomorrow so I can see the DVD of the little one in action. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that you could experience such an event? Think of it-it's not just a murky shot of something in a black and white Polaroid that no one really can identify, but a movie of a baby playing in it's mother's womb!
25 years ago, we didn't even get a Polaroid of our daughter in-utero! That was reserved for only pregnancies that were high risk. Now parents-to-be have parties to watch a baby before it's even viable!
And this DVD is supposed to be in color! How can anyone not marvel at such a miracle?
Technology will probably always frustrate and anger me, but I also love the idea that humans have such creativity and skills that can make life so exhilarating. Truth be told, I would dearly love to take a class to learn more about the technological sciences, just so I can have an understanding on how the miracle of watching this new life can actually be happening.
Plus maybe I could get those same geniuses could help me get my money!

nice post...keep on trying. do not think it is all your fault that you cannot get to your paypal account..they might have made the misatke. i hope you get your money!
As for the baby's DVD..i am sure you will all have fun watching it, but you should write a post about how you felt seeing your grandbaby for the first time...i cried over the phone when my daughter found out that she is going to have a baby girl..i was overwhelmed and i did not even see a DVD or a picture of the Ultra Sound!! it is pretty emotional...enjoy it!

Yes, technology is amazing, isn't it? So is God's handiwork...the miracle of birth is so astounding to me, I still can't get over it and it's been 15 years since I've been pregnant!

Good luck on your endeavor to get your money...I often wonder how people sleep at night knowing that they're taking advantage of other's hopes and dreams. I'm sure it will all work out for you...keep us posted!

PS...I liked the fact that you gave the "story" behind the mashed potatoes...I would love to hear how you came about some of your other recipes!

Take good care,
Thank you Lisa and Summer. If I ever get a chance, my cookbook recipes would all have the stories behind them.
good idea for the column-might do that after the second 4D appt in December!
Dear Carine...I usually find that things do tend to ironically balance themselves out. In this case, the DVD of the baby trumps all. Good luck with paypal...but for some reason I think playpen is more on you mind chica, and rightly so! ;)

Ciao for now...
how right you are
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