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Friday, May 08, 2015


One Week, Lots of Changes

One Week, Numerous Changes


I’m talking weather and life in general.  We were supposed to break the triple digits for most of this past week.  Not good news, since my parents were coming to visit along with my sister and niece.


My parents are not lovers of high heat situations.  Can’t say as I blame them, they’re in their mid-80’s now and their health isn’t the best so it was a blessing that we only reached the upper 80’s.


We did have some pretty loud and wet storms.  Lightening, thunder and lots of rain-all of which made my parents believe coats were needed.  Now all the rain happened during sleeping hours, but the fact that it rained meant that you should “bundle up”.


Our niece, who usually lives in Santa Barbara (a beach community), was having quite the time with her allergies.  Poor young lady coughed so hard she pulled a muscle across her ribs. 


Evidently the yellow-flowered trees that have plagued all of us the last few months weren’t her favorites either. 


Besides the weather, household dynamics were at times a bit of an issue.  My parents also are parents to a Chihuahua.  Cisco is a sweetheart.  He wanted to play with Pepper and Lucky.  Pepper wanted no part of any dog but his own (and he even tried to eat her one morning!) and it took Lucky almost 2 days to stop barking at Cisco!


It’s not that she didn’t like him, it’s just that our little one is, well okay I’ll say it, one pampered baby who likes dogs when it’s her idea.  In other words, you can smell me as long as it’s my idea.  Don’t come near my lady parts otherwise.

I can’t blame her.  About day 2 she did decide that she liked it when Cisco licked her face.  That was okay and even looked forward to having it happen.

What can I say?

Besides the weather, the pets and the allergies, we were also trying very hard to make sure everyone’s dietary restrictions and desires were all met.

I went with making 2 of 4 dinners.  Not only was it easier to use the “buffet” table method but it was a lot better for the 3 kids.  One breakfast we ate at home.  

As our Cali family took off for home I sincerely hoped that they had a good time.  My parents move very slowly and tire easily, my sister had to wear a “boot” due to a foot injury, and we had an age range from 21 months up to 86 years.  We did do a bit of shopping at our outlet mall and one other upscale outdoor shopping area and we did a yogurt run as well.  The rest of the time we spent talking.


While here our niece (Miss Bel Air) made a visit to Dylan’s classroom to show them the book of “Flat Stanley” that all the kids had asked relatives to make.  Dylan requested that she wear her sash and tiara.  Morgan, who does charity work on behalf of domestic violence and bullying talked to the class about the subject.

The next night was Aidan’s Chinese Naming ceremony-this time he had the biggest fan club-12 people were there to watch Dylan bestow it to his younger brother.  He was thrilled.

The visit went quickly.  Before I knew it, they were in their car and crossing the desert and I was left with a desk full of work to catch up on and getting ready to pick up my older grandsons.  Life was back to normal once again.

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