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Thursday, October 06, 2016


Actually Enjoying a Movie

Yesterday Steve and I saw Snowden.  A "made from real events" movie.  Docudrama if you will.

It was exactly what this journalist likes in a movie:  entertainment, interesting characters and to learn something.

It also had a "scary" factor to it.  It was true-developing the story of Edward Snowden, the uber smart IT man who worked for the government and exposed the information telling of how Big Brother was watching over us all.

I don't want to spoil the movie (as much as you can on real life events) so I'm veering over to what made this a good fit for an afternoon date:


Honestly, I can't say that about many movies lately.  Sully, which we saw when it came out was another movie that was inspiring and interesting.  Batman vs. Superman was NOT.  There were other in the "why bother wasting the silver on this?" category, but they aren't even worth my remembering their name.

Steve has always loved movies.  When we met he managed a movie theater just for the perks. 

There's a bit of a problem here-he doesn't care how bad they are!  In truth, I swear to you all, his Netflix account must have some sort of filter that reads "movies awful enough for Steve" and then sends them to our address.

Out of 20 movies, I may sit through one from start to finish.  A few others find me heading for the bedroom in search of something on Discovery ID or Food Network, Home and Garden, etc...

He convinced me one time to sit through a movie about a man who could make goats faint (I kid you not).  Had a very high profile cast.  The movie SUCKED, big time!  When it was over I had managed to work about a dozen Sunday puzzles in a book I had.  He actually asked if I enjoyed it!

My reply?  "There's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back."

He didn't exactly like it, but once on he committed to finished the piece of dreck.  After all, "Look who's in it honey."

For most people going to the movies is a delight-not so for me.  Even in the "fancy-schmancy" theater we go to with the reclining seats, they all kill my back, neck and hips.  I have to prop my knee on my purse.  All in all, seeing a movie is quite literally a royal pain in more than just my rump.

So take my review for what it's worth.  If I came out asking more questions, googling for answers and suggesting it-you may enjoy this rather talk/thought-provoking bit of cinema.

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