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Friday, February 21, 2020


Another Night in "Paradise"


Here's the background:

My plan for this morning was to go to my first water aerobics class of the year.  Weather is beautiful (storm coming in tonight though) and the temperatures are perfect for getting into the pool.

However, as per our norm here in Paradise (known as New River), there was a very messy glitch at 3 a.m..

It was the second glitch from our older canine daughter in the last 3 days!  The last one was also at 3 a.m. on Steve's side of the bed.  Last night I was the lucky (pun intended) recipient.

Ew!  Our little itty-bitty woke up got onto my pillow and (as you've probably already surmised) threw up.  Really?

It had already been a rough night.  I stupidly drank a cup of decaf at 8 and Steve was having a great night of his snoring that buzzed right through my earplugs.  So I was already exhausted when the latest round of night-time cleaning began.

While Steve took off the sheets and got the fresh set, I was again relegated to starting the laundry and pulling in the dog bed and calming done both Lucky and Sunshine.  Sunshine slept through most of it until she didn't.

At 3:30 a.m. we were finally able to get back to the hope that we'd get some sleep.  Well, Steve did.  He was snoring through my plugs within literally minutes!  While I was unable to get comfortable.  An hour later I heard the washing machine finish up.  I figured I might as well get up and put my now clean sheets into the dryer.  Then I started the towels.

At 6:30 when my alarm went off there was just no way I was getting up to prepare for class.  Without at least some type of sleep I'm rendered useless with pain.

I swiped "dismiss" and then finally fell asleep!  That didn't do much however because at 7:15 both girls were whining at me to let them out.

Since doctor appointments and the swim schedule dictate my life, I'm pretty much hoping that next Friday I will join everyone in the pool.

In the meantime, it's off to get Jackson from yet another half day at school.  We're taking him to the library and then to Freddy's (local burger and frozen custard chain).  Seems that Freddy's turning 95 this weekend and is selling the frozen custard for $.95 to celebrate the occasion.

And now, back to changing the laundry...

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