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Friday, August 01, 2008


What Not to Wear to Breakfast


Let me start this story by first explaining how the subject came up:

A very dear and wonderful friend was telling me about a program that she put her mostly adult kids into-it was a trip to the holy land. They would learn about Israel, the people, the history-all of what many a parent would like their children to experience sometime in their lives.

She suggested that our son Adam might get a great deal out of the trip. He’s just a couple of years older than her eldest and would still be able to be part of this somewhat nicely “grant-ed” program.

I replied with this e-mail:

Dear Yana,

Adam would probably enjoy it, but he's quite inundated with work right now. And (Yeah!) he’s actually garnering all the information he’ll be needing to enter grad school-possibly in the Spring!

He'll be into more debt by another $75 grand, but I'm glad he feels this strong about getting that next degree. Of course, this means he and Sam (his absolutely wonderful and very much a part of our family already girlfriend) will be with us for several more years. I added a big smiley face symbol.

Then I added a bit of a story that she felt would make a great blog-so here’s the little aftermath of what happens when your child decides to get an MBA:

I guess this also means that we have another furry permanent fixture. Toby, the little Maine Coon has grown on all of us. In fact, I have some beautiful "marks of love" from him. I made the mistake of wearing one of Steve’s (my husband for those of you who haven’t visited my column before or who have forgotten the name of my soul mate) La-Z-Boy special sale t-shirts to bed and came down on Sunday morning and sat at the breakfast table in it. The little guy decided that he wanted sit in my lap. Trouble is, he’s still too small to leap up from the floor. So he made his way up-by climbing on my leg!

Have you ever had a kitten climb up your entire BARE leg???? Let me tell you-it is NOT a pleasant experience. I screamed bloody-you-know-what.

We also scared the proverbial pants off each other!

He fled the scene-squeaking all the way. My eyes crossed. I looked down and saw that my entire left leg had scratches and blood starting at the lower end of my shin and ending mid-thigh.

Sunshine (our 12 year old lab mix) went running after him. She wanted to see what I did to the baby. I think she also wanted to see if he was in the same shape I was in.

Pepper (our gray tabby) jumped on the table to see if he could join in on the racket. I think he figured he’d be welcome at our pancake breakfast since he is usually very mannerly as he strolls across the table. He probably also surmised that with all the fuss we wouldn’t notice that we’ve told him over a thousand times in the last five years that he can’t come up to the dining arena.

If nothing else-I've learned to wear pants at all times. Especially at mealtimes. Thank goodness I’m past wearing mini-skirts and hot pants. Imagine trying to explain my left leg at the day job?

I think Toby has also learned a very valuable lesson: Not to climb up on grandma. The woman doesn’t look or sound right when clawed.

It was a comical scene I'm sure.

Now, what exactly was your suggestion? Adam should go to Israel? I forget dear, forgive me-I’m war-torn and giddy with the prospect of having my home continue to be filled with life, love and new experiences. LOL.

hugs, Carine

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