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Saturday, January 27, 2018


I'm Late!

It happens every now and then-I didn't post yesterday because we were BUSY!

Steve had an unusual day off-he never gets Friday off, but this month is special.  He'll be back to his regular days off in a couple of weeks.

This week was pretty  special!  Dylan, our oldest grandson turned 11.  How in the world did this happen?  Seems just yesterday that he was born at a little over 4 pounds and was in the NICU.  Today, he's just about 5'7", skinny as a rail and his talent for trying to convince me that he knows everything is reminding us of his mom at the same age.

Too bad for him though, we've got more experience for bologna than he can imagine.

Besides the birthday celebration, the usual errands, walking of the dogs and doctors appointments, Steve and I actually did something fun.

Yesterday, in between the trips to the various grocery stores we went to see The Post.

It's a wonderful film that reminded me why I wanted to become a journalist.  Not what you hear on the various slanted news channels today or the print/internet versions.  Unadulterated pure news and the guts of both Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee.

I don't recommend things often, but this is a very worthwhile film.

Next up-Aidan, our middle grandson, will be having his 10th birthday!  Don't know how that happened either.

We usually do a "kidnap" with the boys.  This includes taking them out of school, breakfast at our favorite place that has their favorite Nutella/banana crepes and a trip to the Science museum.  We started with the local and wonderful kids museum, but then they got too old for that and moved on up.

After 4 times and their mom purchasing a membership, we told them that they needed to decide on a new activity.  They've been to both of our fantastic zoos, both aquariums, the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum), the Odyessea (houses a dolphin thing-strange for a desert) and a host of various sporting events.  We just didn't know what to do next.  Uncle Adam, Auntie Sam and the little ones are taking the boys to Top Golf-so that too is out.

Aidan mentioned something about Laser Tag.  Uh, no.  Pointed out that his grandparents would NOT be doing that or paintball adventures.

We'll see what they come up with-Adam suggested that Steve do what he did for him when he got to this age-a guys outing at a sporting event.  We're thinking maybe the Cubs spring training?

It will be interesting to see exactly what the boys decide.

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