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Thursday, December 12, 2013





Here’s something I learned this week:  Just because you delete something out of your e-mails on your Android phone that does NOT mean they have “left the building”.

I’m certain many of you already knew that little piece of information, but remember I am a complete techno-disaster.


How did I make this discovery?  Just messing around while waiting for my husband to stop saying he was ready to go and actually BE ready to go.

I went and discovered that my e-mail has folders.  I clicked on it and that’s when this knowledge struck me.  Yep, there it was: 


Inbox:  17

Sent:  468

Trash: (OMG) 8,586

Thank goodness I’ve only had the phone since May.  I asked my dearest better half why I had all those things in the trash when I, in fact, deleted them?

I’m sure you know the look I received.  He tried to get that number down.  Phone froze.

“I hope you’re happy. Why didn’t you empty your trash?”

“Why?  Because when I asked the guy at the store he never mentioned that little known piece of information that would’ve been nice to have AND neither did you!”

Guess where we went to the next morning?  One of the other sales people said, “Well I haven’t emptied my phone in a year.  I’ve got almost 5,000.”

Now I’m not bragging, but I’ve only had the phone for about 5 months.  I’m obviously more popular than him.

The nice salesman asked if we had any other errands to run in the area.  So we left my phone with him and then went to go find a mirror for the new dining room set.  Found it!  That was quite the project as well.  We needed one with a frame that matched both the table top and the new clock.  Wouldn’t you know-Ross had just the one and because it had a few tiny scratches on it they gave us an extra 10% off.

Then Steve measure the trunk opening, put down the back seats of my 200S and the mirror should have fit-perfectly.  Too bad the mirror didn’t get the memo.

So a quick trip to Lowe’s was made for some bungee cord.  Done.

Then we had a coupon for Lucky’s dog food.  That stuff is EXPENSIVE and we had a coupon that was expiring.  We used that.

Off we went to retrieve my phone.  Steve stayed in the car with the mirror and dog food while I went to see if I now had a “clean” android.

The guy did work a bit of a miracle-he managed to get 5,000 of them off and showed me how he re-configured the trash list to break the area down into smaller units so I could keep on erasing things.

By the time we got home 20 minutes later-I was down to only 1,000 in my trash box!  Woot, woot!

It took a total of 3-1/2 hours, but I got it all cleared.  At least until I realized I now had another 25 messages in my inbox.  Ack!

But now I know-read them, trash them and then go into the trash file and delete them.

May this be a lesson to everyone-DELETE, DELETE AND DELETE.

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