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Friday, March 04, 2011


Life is Good

Life is good

The last few weeks have been rather interesting here at the home front-my assignments are almost at the point of saturation-and I like that. I’ve been meeting some very interesting people too. I’ve shared those that came out on-line with you, but there have been others: I’m sure I mentioned the true Rosie the Riveter-an 89-year-old whose name is Marie. Another lady who, at 67, is retiring and living her dream of walking through the footsteps of Thomas Hardy-her daughter lives in Dorset and she’ll be living in a true English cottage on her property. A 90-year-old who, through finding his 2nd sole mate 22 years ago, decided to become an expert in both French and Spanish cuisine just so he could feed his new wife-oh he also plays golf 3 times a week and goes to folk dancing with this wonderful woman on the weekends.

That isn’t all-I interviewed a world renowned breast cancer surgeon (also in his late 60’s and also looking way younger than that) who is creating his third multi-discipline breast care center AND teaching better techniques in third world countries.

Next week-a man who has built over 1400 bird houses and an honoree of the historical society. Later in the month-I’ll be joining in a drum circle and talking to those who a regular attendees.

These are all with just one publication-so many others with the myriad of magazines and online venues.

In a few weeks, I’ll be taking 12 days off-to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We worked hard to get this! It took 2 Celebrity rewards charge cards and several years-but we’re going free and this will make it all the sweeter! We’re going back on Celebrity on a sister ship in the Solstice class and we’ve booked the same room on this ship that we had on the original.

Loving the Caribbean, we’re headed to that part of the world. More on that at a later date. For now, I love it all-it’s truly exhilarating and inspiring to see that despite health, age, finances and time people are out there doing good and enjoying life to the fullest!

Besides these lovely people, I’ve been doing business briefs and meeting the owners who are working hard at building their dreams to support their families. Restaurants, spas, bakeries and more!

What this means to me is that despite the nation’s economy and general tumult-people have far from giving up on their ideas.

Especially me.

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