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Thursday, September 18, 2014


We've Been Robbed

We Were Robbed


This was some week.  It all started on Monday.

I left for physical therapy.   Steve left an hour later.  Feeling really hopeful and GREAT-decided to stop and get the pets some needed food-all by myself.


Got home and I was just about to open the garage door and did a double take:  it was opened.

My first thought was, “LOL, Steve’s always asking me if I closed the door and look who did it!”

I pulled in, closed the door and went to go let myself in.  The door was closed, but the lock was NOT.

Now I wondered what would Steve was doing that made him forget to do both? Then the light was on in the laundry room and the doors were opened, cleaning products all over the ground!  Pepper and Lucky ran to me.


That wasn’t anything unusual.  I put my stuff down on the washer and then wondered why the hall lights were on?  Looked left-why were the office lights on?  Looked straight ahead-(still not getting it) linen closets were opened and towels on the floor.


Turned right, walked to the living area and LIGHTS FINALLY WENT OFF IN MY HEAD!

Our big TV was gone!  I went to the office: TV gone, Steve’s laptop and tablet gone!  Went to the storage room-everything was all over the floor.  Looked in the boys room-oh good, TV still on the wall.  Went to our bedroom-ransacked!


TV, all of my jewelry, Steve’s watches and they stole the safe that was bolted into the wall!

I FREAKED!  Okay, that was a pretty tame definition of how I reacted.  Called 911 on one phone, Steve on the other.  Screamed, cried and shook.  They went through our clothes!


You can only imagine the rest of the day!


Oh wait, you can’t-BECAUSE THERE’S MORE!  Once I stopped hyperventilating I let Lucky out-she went to a spot in the yard and stared and barked.  Went over and OH GOOD, BECAUSE THE DAY HAD BEEN SO DARN GREAT UP UNTIL THIS POINT-A RATTLESNAKE!


Our friends came over and he along with Alex killed the huge thing-my girlfriend and I could hear the rattle from inside!


Police arrived.  Everyone left.  We went straight to the bank, the insurance company and started calling all the appropriate agencies.  The safe had our passports, emergency cash, emergency credit cards and both of our birthstone custom rings.  I hate to say-they also got anything nice we had jewelry-wise.  Some very, very sentimental pieces.


They didn’t want my 7 year old computer.  But they took my Minolta camera and the 3 lenses that went with it.


Steve found the point of entry was the boys’ bedroom window.  Totaled not only the window but the frame.  They also damaged our new dining room table and the front door.  Obviously the wall in the closet that they left holes in when they sawed out the safe.


We were on the phones until 11 at night and took up the calls at 7 a.m. the next day.


Needless to say-we didn’t sleep.  Pepper held my head all night, Lucky couldn’t get close enough to me. 



This is all I have to say on this entire debacle.

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