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Friday, February 01, 2013


We Live in a Wind Tunnel

We Live in a Wind Tunnel

About 5 years ago my husband wanted to move to Palm Springs-the house was lovely, nice neighborhood and all that the California desert involves.  But we heard that this particular area was in the 4th windiest spot in the nation.   We abandoned the thought.


Six months later, Steve saw an ad for another community by the same builder and we spent the day out there.  I claimed it “nice on the inside of the wall, but not anywhere outside it.”  Plus-it was nicknamed “Blowmont” for its howling winds.


Again, we abandoned the idea.


After one viewing by only half of this union, we bought this house.  Still the desert, just 300 miles due east in Arizona. 


Guess what?  I swear to you, we live in a wind tunnel!  I know this because on several occasions I went to go retrieve either the Wednesday or Sunday newspaper (those are the only days we get one now) little me was nearly blown into our desert landscaping! 


The last few mornings-tiny little Lucky has been shivering away as she was being “lilted” around the backyard.  Gotta get that munchkin a sweater.  Still trying to find a sock that she’ll allow to be put over her golf ball sized head.


As you know I’m not a lover of either extreme heat or extreme cold-to have both at the same time is interesting.  Don’t shake your head at that statement-it really happens!  The sun says 82, but the wind-chill factor is set at “0” degrees.  Brrrr.


The grandkids seem oblivious to the air-both boys run out of their classrooms with their jackets being drug across the sidewalk.  Plus, they don’t seem the least bit cold when they put on their swimsuits for swim class and run into their dad’s car in the 40 degree temps at 5:30.  I shiver at the thought. 

So does the dog. 

What is it that makes weather a major topic of conversation?  In my home state-a drizzle became the top news story on every channel.  A good rain made for chatting fodder for a week.  If someone had any home damages due to wind or whatever people were commiserating with you from all over the nation!


I’m learning it’s not the same here in the great southwest.  At least not until Monsoon season starts.  Then everyone is calling their various homeowner policy holders.  Although, come to think about it-just a few weeks ago, many of us were talking about how to prevent “freeze” damage to our pipes in the plumbing aisles of the local Home Depot.


Okay, enough of my latest discoveries (and laments) about my new home. 

On to some interesting news!  I never knew there was an association for private amusement park owners, but they have one and I’ll be covering a 3-day conference on it next month.  Should be a fun group of people! 


Now I’m not sure-I’m might be AWOL next week.  I finally met my new pain management doctor and he’s going to try an epidural that will target both my neck and my shoulder.  I will hope for less pain in both spots.  Then-onto the lower back and hips.


Woo hoo!


Happy February!

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