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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


To Sunshine With Love

If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know just how much our fur babies mean to Steve and me.  My very, very first blog was all about giving Sunshine a shower on Independence Day.

With that said, I have to tell you that this is a week filled with both happy memories and pain. 18 years ago were lucky enough to adopt Sunshine.  And Friday, the day I post this entry, we will mourn her loss for the 4th time.

A friend from Jr/Sr high school (Shawn!) mentioned on FaceBook that she loved the way I remembered and loved all my pets.  She's right, below is my answer to her kind words:

I see Tippy's eyes in my sister's Beauty. Our tuxedo cat Samantha in our son and daughter's own tuxedo cat Zoey, Felix (the cat) in their handsome Maine Coone Toby.  Our first Lucky, a Shepherd in Lucky the chi's need to protect and both their love of hugs and kisses.  Snowy was a dear we will always treasure and the reason we adore Pepper so.  Both are fiercely loyal to us and their canine counterparts.   

Sunshine couldn't have been more perfectly named. She was the light and love of all of ours for the 14 years we were blessed to have her with us. I bet she would've loved Lucky and the way Pepper trained her to behave the way she taught him.

Our dear Goldie/lab/border collie mix was a big love bug.  She was easily the sweetest and most patient pup around.  We adopted her from a rescue that found her wandering around the streets of Burbank.  Perfectly behaved and the best family and day care dog EVER.

On her last day, she was still all Sunshine.  Still with her smile, still just happy to be with us until she wasn't.

Nothing says pain like losing someone you love-whether they walk on two or four feet.

We love and miss you Sunshine!

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