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Thursday, June 22, 2017


No Alone Time

If you've read this blog even a couple of times you know my family is pretty much my everything.  I love the 4 grands and try and be there to help out 24/7, 365.  This may sound a tad bit excessive, but I know the time spent with them is a privilege most of the time.

If you're a grandparent, you know what I mean by the last four words of that last sentence!

Our older grands, Dylan and Aidan, are now at that "tween" age.  The times where they are now taller than me (I do realize that at a firm 5' nothing that's an easy accomplishment) and their mouths and hormones are making it very difficult for them to behave during our extremely hot Arizona summers.

Even though we have fantastic amenities here in our outskirts of the outskirts, honestly, they  can't really use them.  Take this last week-with temps hovering well over 118 and no monsoon to even wet things down, we can't just say-let's go to the water park (or the pool, or the splash pads).  Yes, we have "sails" and umbrellas allover the areas but we have the hot sun slicing in sideways ALL day long.

Truth be told, my 9 a.m. water aerobics class is a great way for me to stay comfortable for at least the hour but all of us tend to do a lot of sweating in that pool-regardless!  One of the perks of this class is that truly, "no one can see you sweat".

So what's a grandma to do?  Aidan asked me to show him how to make banana bread.  I am so NOT turning on an oven.  Poor Steve!  We do a lot of grilling around the old homestead.  I prepare the food, he grills it.  Know what it's like tending a grill in 118 even at 7 o'clock at night?

Back to the boys.  Yesterday (as you can see from the photo I put on here) was magician day at the library.  It was a full auditorium with kids, parents and a lot of my fellow grandparents as well.  Hey, the young man was entertaining, the a/c was cranked up and it was out of the house.  Who in their right mind wouldn't take advantage of a free event like this one???

Today, I had to skip my class.  I'm pretty upset by that because it's my one fun thing to do for me besides walking the pups.  But alas, Adam's second fridge was just fixed and the computer chip blew right back out and he had to go to work.  Steve's working on this "day off" as well so I'm here trying to stop the boys from killing each other.  (Chess is supposed to be a calm, thinking game, isn't it?) I'm also waiting for the "word" that the repair person is on the way and I need to walk down to the other side of the block with the boys to let them in for a third try at making the box cool instead of heat of the food.

Any bets on how much whining and complaining I will endure during the 2-1/2 minute walk?

I'm pretty sure the heat will not be the only thing making things miserable...

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