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Friday, September 28, 2012


Dragon Speak-Curse You

Dragon speak


I had hand surgery Monday and now I’m using Dragon speak.   I’m not sure I like this-it doesn’t work as well as I’d like.   My rheumatologist told me I should start using a while back.


I turn it on and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Take this morning, just as an example. I opened up my e-mails and tried to answer several of my notes in the inbox.   The first three wouldn’t let me even use the microphone!  Nope, it kept telling me to dictate.  Problem is- I was.   It just didn’t want to listen.  


Any idea how many times I had to say these two paragraphs over and over again before it typed it right? It was 4.  Then I had to go back and fix all the spelling!  So what good is this, if I have to type it again and again? Some of the things that this program comes up with are pretty funny.   But then again, not funny enough for me to have to do the work with a bad hand.


Besides the hand surgery we have looking-Lous all week-I still hate selling my home, but at this point, I’m ready to go to Arizona. I have four doctors’ appointments in the next two weeks and I have two stories to cover – but I’m ready to join my husband.  I miss him-a lot.


Pepper has taken over the job of “man of the house”; he checks the doors, lies sprawled out in front of the bedroom door at night and jumps on all the windows at every sound! He’s feeling the pressure of being alone too.


It’s hard paying bills long-distance, it’s hard talking over Skype, it’s hard just being.


The saying goes, “it is what it is”, but I’m ready to finish packing up and start the new chapter of our lives. 


And since Dragon speak is giving me more grief-I’m cutting it short this week.


We’ll be in October when next I write.

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