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Friday, July 03, 2009


Patience May Really Be a Virtue

Guess what? Now I don’t know how this is actually going to play out-but it appears that my perseverance and patience may be starting to do some good.

I was sitting at my desk and working diligently on a couple of articles for the OC Register and the phone rang. Truthfully, that’s not usually anything to get very excited over. It certainly isn’t anything to write an entire column on either-except this time. I hope (I’m actually praying here, but you don’t see it).

The person on the other end was my editor at the little local paper for which I write a city column (My Laguna Hills, Saddleback News). He was wondering (??????) would I be interested in doing more for the newspaper? He went on to explain that they had been down a reporter for one of the areas and would love it if I could take the job!

Mind? Think? Interested? He told me about the pay (rather pitiful, but pay is pay) and that it would mean going to city hall meetings, doing features on people in the area and taking a few pictures. Essentially, just what I have wanted to do all my freakin’ life.

Oops, sorry-didn’t mean to get carried away, but this is exciting. Don’t get me wrong, if I could keep doing just my features, I would, but I really need to increase my pay scale and this is what could very well be considered “Just what the doctor ordered”.

So I am not sitting in my chair at the moment-I’m floating above it.

And that isn’t all that happened this week! No, this is my week for good news.

I was expecting several books to come that I’m using as background material for some stories, reviews, etcetera, so it was of no surprise when I saw a book size package in my mailbox. What was a surprise was when I opened it; the package had a book which contained one of my essays in it! I had totally forgotten about writing it and sending it off some 2 years ago! The book is entitled “When Work isn’t Working” by Jane Woods, a job coach and writer in England.

Totally jazzed I am! Cool. My pleasure to update my writer’s resume and add these two items to it!

As “they” say-good things come in 3’s. So here’s my “3”: I’m a member of a great new cooking Evidently I’m more active that I thought-they’ve asked me to consider being a media speaker for them. How exciting! Who better than me to talk to the media about food????

As I said at the top, I’m not sure how this will all play out, but for now, I’m going to enjoy and relish my fun, exciting and terrific news.

I was never patient or very insistent in my youth. I’m thinking that by waiting until now, I’m better equipped to handle the possible changes that will hopefully happen in my life AND so will my family.

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