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Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine’s weekend everyone!

Hopefully you will be spending it with, if not a special significant other, then with those who mean a lot to you.

Personally, I’m hoping to be able to see straight. My original plan was to make a meal made of red and pink and love orientated-but things changed while I was power-walking a couple of days ago.

We babysat the night before-the grandkids were constantly going from one lap to the other and needing help each time. I was sore when they left, but didn’t think much of it. Next day, I walked my darling Sunshine, went and ran some errands (which included a Costco run with my son) and then decided the weather had warmed enough to go and take a power walk.

The power walk is where “it” happened.

I was about ½ way out when I heard a “pop”. Then I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in one of my ribs. It was also fairly blinding. After the initial hurt-I found that breathing wasn’t exactly pleasant. I slowed down my pace and got home.

It did not get better. In fact, I couldn’t sit up straight and I prayed that I wouldn’t have to sneeze, cough or (God forbid) laugh.

Thank goodness for pain meds. I immediately took my personal arsenal and got out of my jeans. Sweat pants seemed much friendlier.

I had to renege on going to a bridal show with our daughter-in-law-to-be, son and hubby. The thought of moving that much was causing me to twitch. Our daughter was hollering at me (long distance yet) to go to the ER.

Why? Last time I went for a broken rib, all they did was tell me to take a painkiller and a muscle relaxant and then not to lift anything. I figured I could do that on my own. I did e-mail my rheumatologist though. I’m seeing him for a regular appointment this week anyway, so why have some strange doctor get involved?

So my original plan of a gourmet meal, flirty red negligee and a romantic evening might have to be put on hold until I can at least breathe deeply without the ensuing blackout. To add to our lack of celebration-hubby came down with the worst cold he’s had in probably 3 years.

Hopefully, a re-do won’t be too long in the making.

Now, since I’m starting to see double, probably a by-product of all this numbing, I’m going to close early this week.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you-may it be more romantic than ours…

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