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Wednesday, December 04, 2013



Recently my husband and I decided to make another change-we updated our dining room set.

This isn't exactly an easy thing for us to do (even with our "connections").

Our first dining table was our anniversary present to ourselves for #11.  We bought the chairs for #12.

So to donate the old whitewash (from the early 80's) and purchase a new "elegantly rustic" set that will now hold 10 AND the chairs at the same time was well, daunting!  It's also our birthday and anniversary presents to one another for the next couple of years.

We realized that the old artwork and lamp would no longer work.  We remedied one spot with a big clock, but we're still working on the other wall.  Oh-we found a nice rug that matches perfectly in the clearance area too.

Here's the beginning new look:  

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