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Thursday, February 09, 2017


It's Been a Tough Week for Our Newest Baby

Poor Sunshine!

We knew when we adopted her that Sunshine was in bad need of a good teeth cleaning but the vet at the rescue and our own beloved Dr. K. Young said it could wait until "February discount" to get it done.

What we all did NOT know was that the horrible excuse for "people" who had her had abused our little girl to an unimaginable amount. 

Let's just say that Dr. Young was astonished that Sunshine could eat, that she has the very loving personality that she has and that she wasn't constantly writhing in pain.  "If it were us, we would've been begging for sedation and not be able to keep anything either fluid or edible down being in that kind of pain!"

Yes, our poor little long-legged lovely had 3 molars cracked from side-to-side, two upper teeth with bad roots from being hit and a front tooth that was (small favor?) riddled with cavities.  Plus, she had never gotten several teeth.

Final count?  Double anesthesia, 6 extractions and lots of pain.  Because of the extra time involved, an emergency surgery and a poor old pup that had to have help crossing over the rainbow bridge, Lucky and two other dogs had to have their cleanings postponed until next week.

Felt sorry for Lucky who didn't get to eat until we got both girls home at around 4 in the afternoon, but it was a very good thing for Sunshine.  Once Sunshine woke up and was doing better the techs put her into the same "room" as Lucky and Lucky curled up next to her and took care of her the way a good sister should.

After we got the girls home, I made sure to get Lucky some food while Steve distracted Sunshine in the yard (she couldn't eat for a couple of hours).  Dylan and Aidan sat down and both dogs begged for some extra love and petting.

Sunshine had some wet food and some pain meds and then went right back to her spot on Dylan's lap until 9:30 when I took the pups out for a last potty break.  Considering what she went through, the night wasn't too bad.

Although Sunshine did get up and down a few times and her paws kept pulling my arm in closer to hold her she did sleep.  Her siblings right next to her-they kept looking at her with every toss and turn.

This morning I soaked her dry food in some warm chicken broth, gave her wet food and disguised another pain pill-all of which were gladly and quickly eaten.

It's a great week weather-wise here in New River, we're in the mid-80's and the sun is glorious.  The girls are in their favorite cushioned chair and sunbathing with Pepper leaning against the security screen door enjoying the same.

Steve and I are appalled that there is someone out there still roaming the state that would treat an innocent puppy this way and hope/pray that they aren't parents to human kids (what would/are they doing to them????).  It's a darn good thing we don't know who or where they are-if we did, we'd make sure that what they did to our precious girl they'd get back 100-fold.

Next week we do the whole thing again-hopefully with less painful results.

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