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Friday, May 20, 2011


Sometimes, I Feel Like Doing Nothing


Sometimes I feel like just doing nothing. It’s true. That’s this week. Not that I haven’t got a good excuse, because I have-but I’m not “built” to not do my work.

I have several assignments that have been on my desk and due to my health-they aren’t done.

It all started after my daughter-in-law and I got home from visiting my parents on Sunday. It was Dad’s birthday (82) and with mom’s broken rib-they weren’t up to going out. My sister and family went first and brought breakfast. Sam and I stopped at Costco to pick up a couple of items for them and then visited for a few hours.

Then I felt the change in the barometric pressure getting to me. Big time. We got home, Sam left and I just felt achy and blah. Our son called and made a “date” with me for breakfast the next morning. That was a great surprise-since he’s been working non-stop we don’t even have our weekly dinners with him and Sam anymore.

Got through a really fun breakfast-but with lots of pain coming from not only my joints but from those lovely 4 bulging discs that have divided themselves between my neck and lower back.

I made a simple dinner and then started nodding off while watching TV. I gave up and went to bed. That’s when the spasms started. I decided to pop a painkiller. It didn’t work. Sleep never came that night. By morning I was a stiff zombie whose only movements came from the spasms. I knew it was stupid, but I took another pain killer.

It really was stupid. Even with my breakfast in me-I got sick. And then I got sick again. My husband asked if he should stay or go. I just waved him on through my sick haze.

Thankfully it was acupuncture day. Got there-she couldn’t believe what I looked like. Thank goodness for acupuncture. The therapist got the nausea to stop and got the pain under control. My warning: No work for you-go home and try to take a nap.

I spent the rest of that day, trying to nap. I nodded off a few times, nothing to write home about (and obviously nothing to write and submit to publishers about). By the time Steve got home, I just wanted to stay up through whatever I was trying to watch and find out about his day.

I went to bed and dropped off for 8 straight hours-almost unheard of in Carine Nadel Land.

Doing that made getting my haircut easier. Still, I did a lot of shifting in my chair.

As I sit here with my fresh haircut, I’ve feeling somewhat human. But I decided to write this because the idea of trying to form an article containing answers to questions of 4 different people is just not happening for me yet.

My calendar is clear tomorrow-I think I’ll leave my writing of prose until then.

Gee, it's almost pains me to read this. You do a yeoman's job of bringing your pains to light (not making light of your pain though). My wife suffers through similar bouts with her knee. Wonder if acupuncture would help her.

At least your attitude seems to be right. If your body says no, sometimes you've just got to listen.

Hea, seems like I've heard you mention that, I believe, your hubby and son may be connected to the La-Z-Boy industry somehow. This week I was still going through that trunk I mentioned in a previous blog and came up with a 1972 La-Z-Boy football guide. It had records, line-ups and scores from college and pro football from that year. Very interesting reading.
Yes, both men in my life (oops forgot the all important son-in-law and grandsons!!!)are employees of La-Z-Boy, Inc. Adam, our son manages the Costa Mesa, CA and Steve is sales mngr at Mission Viejo. He was the corporate trainer until the recent corporate takeover.

Sorry to hear about Wendy's knee-but she really should look into the acupuncture. Most days, it really helps quite a bit. Today-I'm on the fence, but I was able to do my usual 45 on the old treadmill yesterday. but considering our errands-I'm still well over 9,000 steps on my pedometer. So I'm not complaining. Way better than the Tuesday I was having b/f the appt.
ew and double ew.
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