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Friday, July 30, 2010


Weirdness Abounds

Sometimes very weird things happen. This was one of those weeks.

First, I thought I got rid of that darned head cold I picked up at the hospital during my successful colonoscopy. But NO, I was just working at my computer, minding my own biz-whacks (yes, that’s a professional term) when suddenly I realized I was going to sneeze- again.

Wait-how could that be? Isn’t the rule with colds: 3 days in coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving? This was day 5-1/2, I should be better! And I was- for a ½ day there.

I had just started to feel my ribs and sciatica were starting to feel less painful from all that sneezing when I started the whole routine all over again!


Back to the soreness and this time my hand decided to add some pain to the mix. Evidently it was tired of holding all those Kleenexes.

Whatever-the low grade fever came back with it as well. I would have dismissed the whole thing as an allergy if it weren’t for that little fact.

Then, it was the “contractor” from the homeowner’s insurance. I was having a bit of déjà vu from last year’s debacle of bathroom remodeling. He promised to call (several times) and didn’t. If I’m lucky, the day I post this-some of the dry wall should be replaced and possibly some of the texturing.

We’ll see. According to this man-he and the flooring inspector will be arriving on this posting day too. Again, we’ll see.
Weird-just because I can’t believe even with knowing how contractors are, that we are seemingly lucky enough to get 2 with the same work ethic.

And now for the 3rd weird thing (you know the iconic cliché about things always happening in 3’s):

Last night, in between sneezing and coughing, I had a strange phone call. Someone asked for me (no that is NOT the weird part) and right away introduced himself as “You don’t know me, but…”

This man somehow found my unlisted phone number and (get the nerve here) asked me TO BUY HIS E-BOOK AND REVIEW IT!

I’m still shaking my head on this-I was too sick at that moment to ask how he got my private information, but told him “no thank you”.

He proceeded to actually ask me why? I told him the truth: I do not make enough money to buy books for review and besides the site that I did do reviews for no longer has that section.

“Fair enough, I understand. But how about if I send you the first chapter-what’s your e-mail address?”

Okay, I don’t know you, you somehow got my unlisted phone number and now you want my e-mail?

Does “No Thank You” mean nothing?

I suppose not anymore than “I promise to call you” in contractor speak.
On the flip side of all this weirdness-it has got to be over. After all, I had my 3 “things”, so from now on life should run pretty well-until next month.

Hey, that starts in a couple of days-hmmm

It almost reads like the script for one of those off-beat TV series, like Lost or something. Reality subverted just slightly, enough to make you wonder if someone isn't playing a joke on you.

Good luck with the insurance dude. I had enough with our "fire damage" to last a while. Then we got our annual insurance bill this past week. Seems like our premium took a fairly steep hike. And the fire wasn't even on our property!

Hope you continue to convalesce. I hate ills that seem to go away, then come back.
He actually came on time today Dave!!! and it looks like the drywall/painter is very busy putting in our walls. Flooring person? Looks like the contractor is a pretty good guy-he's pretty sure and she seemed as if she understood that the wood needs to come out and be totally replaced.

Infiltrated your e-mail and got you blacklisted? I'd love to hear the rest of that story. Maybe a future blog?

I'm soooooo paranoid of the internet anymore. On-line bill paying? Forget it. On-line banking? No way.

I was on Craigslist just now, browsing campers for sale, and some poster mentioned there's a scam going where the camper is in another state and they will have it shipped once they get your down payment. If you give them a down payment, they disappear.

Also on Craigslist, and maybe you've heard of these types of guys, they want to hire writers to contribute articles to a website. They want daily articles BUT, they won't pay you unless the website gets really up and running. Then maybe you'll get paid something.

It's a jungle out there on the internet anymore.
I've seen those Dave. almost got caught by one asking for a script reviewer. supposedly she was paying $25!!! I said, "$25 to read and review it? That's pretty low."
that was the last I heard from her!

still working on the e-mail problem. it will probably become a blog-when it's all straightened out. I'm paranoid enough to think that those who are supposedly helping me might take offense of my humorous sarcasm and stop working on the problem before it's cleared up!
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