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Friday, January 22, 2016


May I Stay for Lunch?

EEEKKKK!!!  That's what I have got to say about this experience!

My morning had turned quite upside down-so I'm guessing that this was just another rotation of a sort.

In the mornings, 10 a.m., a couple of neighbors and I take Lucky for a 2-1/4 mile power walk.  This morning Adam called and needed my help, so I cancelled that but kept my very much needed appointment for a haircut.

Actually, I washed my mop and did the usual comb through and it looked pretty darn good for a person who hadn't had a trim in 8 weeks, but I digress.

Anyway, helped our son, got my haircut and got home.  It was a gorgeous 65, sunny and no wind.  Got in and hooked up Lucky and decided that I really should get my daily exercise in.  Off we went!

We were doing pretty well and about a two minute walk until we SHOULD have hit the corner of our home when what should I spy?  Come on, you know you're dying to ask and find out!

I saw what I thought was a dog. 

It most certainly was in the canine family-but NO, it was a coyote sitting there on the corner of my property!  Not just one either-nope, it's mate (presumably) came out from behind the shrub it was hiding in. 

Since they hadn't actually spotted Lucky and I, I grabbed my pooch and turned the other direction and went and carried her around the entire tract to get into the house from the other way.  Also, I figured that the extra 3/4 mile would give them time to leave or a car/neighbor/rescue squad to scare them away.

Thankfully our neighbor did all three and got a picture to boot.

Didn't put Lucky on the ground until we were safely inside with the various doors and locks shut, locked and sealed tight.

Wow-no wonder Lucky's hair has been going "Mohawk" for the last few evenings-she's probably been smelling them.

Just another day of living in the Sonoran Desert...

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