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Friday, June 22, 2007


This is it!

I've decided to use what little computer skills I have to try and finally let everyone know my list of favorites. I realize,in the grand scheme of life, my likes aren't that big a deal, but I feel bad!

After all, many wonderful writers have been kind enough to put my blog onto their links and yet, here I am-trying every which way I am told, but can't get anything to take on the links aisle of my column. Believe me, I have printed the directions out, I have tried numerous times, I have even begged my husband to try and guide me through the maze-I ADMIT IT, I FAILED!!

So, here it is, all the blogs and favorite sites that I seem to gravitate to because I love the content that is published:

Bev Mahone, author of "Whatever-A Baby Boomer's Guide to Middle Age" and the upcoming ebook/audio (of which I am part of and giving a shameless plug)"Momma Said There'd Be Days Like These" has two sites:

Kathy Holmes, who is the author of "Fatherless Daughters" and a wonderful new book "Real Women Wear Red" has: (got to have at least one great guy's take on life!)

These are all terrific people with a positive view on life as baby boomers. Please give them a try! I know I've had many a good laugh, started remembering things I forgot I even knew about and was able to learn a few new things.

Okay, I didn't learn how to attach my list of favorites on a link-but I did learn how to concede and move on!

Thanks for the great blogs, I enjoy reading other peoples thoughts ;-)
By the way, this one didn't work for me:
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm so glad you enjoy my works. I'll check out bigdavesblogger, that's how it comes up when I click my favorites
Of course Dawn! I check in on your site all the time. BTW, Matty, told us about a writing contest-I had one to enter-until she had things for me to cut/paste (which I can do) and then this person expected me to attach it here. So much for my entry!
Thanks for the mention. Try the links thing one more time. I sent you an email.
OMG!! i am on your list of favorites!!! how wonderful of you.
i used to have a blog roll and you were on it too, but i deleted it since i have so much on my blog! but you are on my favorite list too...thanks, i appreicate it a lot.
absolutely summer, you have a wonderful way of letting the world know about a part of a country that most often times the news media only tells us about in terms of what they want us to know. I love hearing all sides of things, it's important in knowing about the real world in which we live, not just the perceived one.
All you have to do is leave a comment on Shelly's Blog...An Eclectic Life....telling her the name of your blog...and the post and the date of your post that you would like to enter.
That;s all I did....I'm like inept...tell her that, and she'll help you.
If you're on blogger, go to Help, and they can help you easily add a blogroll........that's what I did,,,and believe me, when it comes to computers, I'm stuck on stupid. Don't ever give up....ever!
Yes, it is bad etiquette not to list the people who visit you. After all, it's fair play.
When people visit your site constantly, and don't see their blog...they wonder why.When people leave comments and they are not answered, that too is 'bad form'. One day I'll write a post on blog manners.
I know that is not your intention, but that's what people 'assume'.
Believe me, I have cried with frustration at times...asked for help, begged for help, and still I have a lot to learn.
Keep trying.
matty, I always answer every single post! And I try constantly to improve my skills. That's why I finally wrote this post. I figured, I'm getting nowhere after 3 separate tuteleges! I have Dawn's latest help tips all printed for yet another round of tries.
it sure isn't idiot-proof, that's for sure.
Wow, I'm on there! And you call me a "great guy." I'm doubly honored. Thank you.

Wait a minute. You misspelled my blogsite. You added an "s". It's (Isn't it? Now I'll have to go back and check.)

Oh, well, just a typo. Or . . . maybe it was a Freudian slip. Maybe you really DIDN'T want to put my name in there. Maybe you DON'T think I belong with your favorites.

Just teasin.' My only complaint with the list is that some of those bloggers are among my favorites too, but they don't blog as often as I'd like. Won't mention names, though.
know what you mean Dave, I think life gets in the way sometimes!
Just think, to enter a contest, I had to post an entire new blog, cuz I am so not getting the hang of the latest instructions I printed out.
I have found index of guidebooks similar to your blog content and would like to share. There are interesting ideas for cooking, recipes, home care, etc. Get it and enjoy!
thank you Carol! I'll check it out.
Hope you come back!
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