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Friday, July 03, 2015


News of the Happy Kind for a Change

News of the Happy Kind


I would really like to share some happy news for a change.  Not that all my aches, pains and degenerative discs and diseases have all left my life, because they haven’t.  All the same I want to share only good news today:


I’m happy.  Don’t feel I have to explain the details.

Our adult children are all healthy.

Our grandchildren are all healthy.

Our fur babies and our fur grand babies are all healthy.

My husband is healthy (and I’m hoping happy).

Our extended family is all doing okay.  I can’t really go into the details since our extended family members are all well over 500 miles away.

We have had no invasion by the following in the last 6 months:  rattlesnakes, owls, ground squirrels, tarantulas (although our neighbors have), hawks and bunnies who like to hide in the planters out front. (Those buggers are cute but have BIG front teeth!)

While we have seen quite a few:  wolves, coyotes, wild burros and bobcats, all of them seem to not want any part of hopping our block wall and eating our precious little Chihuahua Lucky.  I’d like to think it’s because they are camera shy (remember, since the break-in we are very secure in several ways around here) and therefore want no part of coming into our sanctuary.


My physical therapists may not be “curing” me, but they are great at helping me through the daily grind of just being me, in regards to my joints and discs.

And the last bit of great news for my week?

Adam and Sam went to the “reveal” ultrasound and have shared the news with us that our fourth grandchild will be a little girl!  They’ve decided on Bryce for her first name.

Aidan is thrilled-Jackson wasn’t even a week old when he decided that “Auntie Sam has to have another baby and make it a girl-I need a girl cousin.” 


Personally, while yes I’m thrilled that we will have a grand-daughter-in all honestly, all I’ve ever cared about is that my kids and grandkids are healthy and happy.  When you come right down to it, if they have those two things-life is beautiful.

Congratulations! What a happy, positive blogpost. It's always great to read something cheerful. I'm delighted, by the way, that your Chihuahua remains uneaten. Lucky indeed!
Thank you Bun! Sometimes we all have to stop, take a deep breath and realize that no matter what is going on, we have so much to be thankful for in our lives.

Lucky is quite the pup, and w/ one of us always by her side, she will definitely remain "uneaten and intact"!
Yup, the happiness and health of those we love (family, friends and pets!) is fundamental in life.
it always has been for me. Hence my age and the fact that I'm not exactly a "famous" journalist and this writing has been a hobby. It was better when I was in OC, CA-wrote for the OC Register and several local magazines there. Here in AZ-not near as much opportunity or work and the pay is honestly, not worth it.

How did you find my little blog, if I may ask?
That’s a good question but the answer is a little involved. Basically, I have always enjoyed writing so a few months ago I started a small, humorous blog as a hobby ( However, I soon realized I knew nothing whatever about blogging. (I didn’t even know I had a Google+ page until I received your question! I mainly use Wordpress.)

I started looking at other blogs through a site called Networked Blogs to find out how it should be done. A lot of them didn’t mean much to me. I’m pretty solidly into middle-age now, so I’m not especially interested in Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo or in which direction Miley Cyrus’s bottom is currently gyrating.

After trawling through a number of blogs of this type, I came across your one and enjoyed the post. I thought it might be polite to leave a message saying so. I seem to have done it properly for once since my words appeared on the screen. I tend just to click things at random and hope that something will happen.

Anyway, that's how it happened. (Sorry about my reply turning into War and Peace!)

I hear you! I actually started this blog b/c it was my way of getting back to writing. I graduated wayyy back in 1978 with a degree in broadcast journalism. Worked in the field until I literally fell in love at first sight w/ my husband. a really good offer came the same week he proposed (on our 4th date no less). I went zig instead of zag and the rest is history.
waited until our youngest graduated HS and then decided this would be a great way to get back into writing, deadlines, etc.
Worked hard and started writing for the Orange County Register and a few magazines. Life moved on and we moved to AZ. Suddenly I lost almost all my CA jobs as they wanted to keep "local".
I think Bieber's an idiot, I leave the tattoo thing to our son (31) and I find Ms. Cyrus to need a good spanking.
I'll look up your site! I'm glad you enjoyed my musings and hope to "see" you often.

Isn't funny how one decision can change the whole course of a lifetime? Marriage to my wife had much the same effect on me, dragging me to an entirely new continent. It wasn't love at first sight in our case, though! That must have been thrilling!

I'm afraid we went the more conventional route of courtship by degrees until at last it became clear we were going to get married without either of us actually having to say anything. Of course, for formality's sake, I did eventually ask, but by that point nobody was particularly surprised by it. I think my brother might have looked up and mumbled something during the commercials.

Anyway, I'm enjoying your musings and I subscribed by pushing some buttons or something (at least, I think that's what I did), so I'll be able to keep up with what's going in your part of the universe.

Thank you, too, for popping over to my blog. I appreciate that you dropped by.

Enjoyed yours as well! That's pretty exciting to move to an entirely different continent-brave in my book.

I also shared the link on my FB page. I'd put it on my favorites, but I'm so tech unsavvy that my list of favorites disappeared several years ago and while they're still on my template-I can't get them back onto the blog itself.

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