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Saturday, September 24, 2022



Where do I begin?
In the last month, Bryce broker humerus.  She just got her cast off and will not have to go to physical therapy for a bit. We found out Sunshine, or younger dog, has kidney disease and Adam his C5& 6fused.  He's only 5 days post op, so we're still being worried parents.

My days are filled with trying to get meds into Sunshine-she won't do pill pockets, peanut butter or cheese, and praying she eats. Thankfully, otherwise, you wouldn't know anything is wrong. 

Then, our dishwasher needed help. Called our home warranty company, who sent out the rudest "customer service person" that we have personally ever endured!

He started his rudeness as soon as he saw our girls! Then it went downhill from there.  And yes, we did call the home warranty company and complain about his behavior and his lack of help.

They refunded our money. Steve then went on Amazon and bought the parts we needed.

Trying to make a long story short, let's just say his 1st attempt wasn't exactly successful. We actually thought we'd now needed to go by a new dish washer.... Yes that kind of unsuccessful.

So bad it was , that I couldn't even use it as a dish rack!

Fortunately, Steve does have some OCD tendencies.  Between that and YouTube we now have our dishwasher back.  

Then there's just the usual, "That's life, deal with it!" moments around here. A pack of wild burros kept us up braying in the front yard, bobcat family deciding our porch was a great place to hangout, pack of coyotes looking for bunnies and woodpeckers trying to kill the outside cameras.

There's also some other things that have been going on, but I think that's enough sharing for 1 week.

Saturday, September 10, 2022


Let Me Have My "Bad" Mood

I'm still in a funk. I'm not apologizing for it. Just let me be. I know I have to get together because my being in a mood isn't going to help the situations around here.

Adam is having a cervical fusion in a few weeks. Prayers needed and appreciated.

Sarah is having quite a rough patch. If you would add a few good words for her-also appreciated.

Last, but so in the forefront of our minds-please continue to pray for our girl Sunshine. We expected so many more years of joy with her. We're trying everything. Praying is all we can double and triple up on.

Thank goodness no fool has said something heartless because my brain and mouth would explode on them without a point of return.

So, if you can't be supportive, just let me be.

Thursday, September 01, 2022


Tears and Fears

Please, please continue any and all prayers for our girl Sunshine.

Many tears are being shed. We are learning to find the joy in any positive moment.  No matter how small.

I am making her food.  Chopping it fine so she'll be able to eat easily. She'd rather starve than eat the canned prescription stuff. Won't take her pills in a pill pocket!  We've tried hiding them in: peanut butter, cheese, roast beef and scrambled eggs. I've resorted to grinding the twice a day med into a powder, have Steve hold her and literally put it in the back of her mouth- massage until done.

You'd think she'd prefer the great method!

The antibiotic is thankfully once a day. But she hates it.  However, she's been eating!!! She's also back to asking for her greenie. Think "small joy".  I took the girls down to Adam's yesterday for a play date.  Sunshine's tail was up, waving and her little fish wiggled.   Again, small joy.

Last night, she was back to pestering her sleeping sister to go outside for a potty break-every 20 minutes for about two hours.  Small joys.

Until we notice the signs, we're going to keep praying for a miracle, asking for your prayers and enjoying whatever time we can.

Friday, August 26, 2022


Prayers Please

It's not that I'm not religious, I believe in the power of prayer. A LOT!

That said, I am pleading with anyone out there to pray for our pup, Sunshine.

She's been quite sick of late. Our wonderful Vet has been doing what she can, but we clearly need more.  The other day we celebrated her fifth adoption day.  We want her here with us for many more-but right now, we just feel sad, upset and need a much higher power.

Friday, August 19, 2022


What a Week!


Last week I regaled Bryce's first experience with breaking a bone.  Well, two days later-she fell again!

Thankfully, she dented her dignity more than her body! Her opposite hand wasn't broken. Neither was her poor little nose. 

The orthopedic told her to pick out the cast of her "dreams". One she'd want to wear everyday for the next month.  Bryce is now sporting a hot pink and glittery piece of plaster.

On to more family events.  Our younger dog, Sunshine, started having issues eating. $400 of tests, suggestions and prayers later- -we're being told she may have kidney problems!


Tomorrow we go back to "our other family doctor". We're praying that with a change in diet and meds she'll get better.  In the meantime, we'd appreciate some cyber love/prayers!

Then our oldest grand called me from school (ever a good sign), poor kid was sick.  Picked him up and gave him some needed TLC courtesy Grandma.

All this while nursing my own concussion and added pain from a bruised nerve.  That bit of news was confirmed after spending 4 needless hours in the ER!

Not to end there, Monday I get to see a neurologist about my " worst" hand.

It really has been quite a week.

Friday, August 12, 2022


It's Always Something

If I've learned one thing in 64 years of living, it's that nothing good starts with phrase:  Mom, where are you? What are you doing?

Thankfully, I had just made the girls go to the bathroom and they were getting comfortable in one of their many blankets.  I was told that our granddaughter decided to practice  cartwheels on the grass during recess.

For those who have never had children, what comes next is I wound up picking up the kids from school and heading to urgent care.

Poor Bryce!  At the best -had sprain. At the worst-broken arm.

I must say, she was a brave little trooper.  Turns out her humerus was broken.

Outside of the tears shed when she 1st fell on her elbow, she was in pretty good spirits. Bryce was already lamenting that she wasn't going to get to go to cheer class because her arm was hurt.

Always empathic, Jackson immediately said he would be her butler while she couldn't do anything.He did think about it for a few minutes and then said he would let mom be the butler in the bathroom because he didn't want to go there!  I did it let out some laughs at that one!

By the next day she figured out how to eat with her opposite hand. And she was happy for any of all help that her classmates were giving her at school.  

While waiting for X-rays and the results, Bryce had me telling her all about my 1st injury and how I did with it.  Aah, the memories.  When she learn ed that the 13" scar on my knee was part of that 1st injury, she was none to thrilled. I assured her nothing like that would happen.  I was sure that the radiologist would be able to read her X-Ray without a problem.

The kind technologist even told her all about the bones in her arm. Bryce is very interested in medical things, so the lesson was not given to read ears.
Monday, she'll see the orthopaedic and probably swap the hard splint for a cast.I

Meanwhile, my problem hand is being sent to the neurologist.  Seems beside the arthritis I have some nerve issues to deal with -always something.

Saturday, August 06, 2022


Happy 9th Birthday Jackson!!!

 Happy 9th birthday to our youngest grandson, Jackson!

It's amazing how fast our grandkids have grown in what seems to be a little blip in the time warp of life.

Tonight we will have a family party.  Complete with food from his favorite restaurant.  Olive Garden.  Last year he told us that the dinner rolls were "awesome".  He did ear his weight in bread, but he also ate an entire kids pizza.  It was a fun night with a bit of sadness-his best friend was moving the following day to a brand new state, so this was their last fun time together.

This year the food is being dished up in our home.  Our family-sized dinner table is being put to good use, for sure.  He's having a kids party at the community pool in the afternoon.  He did ask me to make oreo brownies for his family dessert.  

My pleasure!

School started here a few days ago.  Hard to believe that both Dylan and Aidan are now in high school!

Jackson is in 4th grade with a "side" of excel math class.  He worked all summer teaching himself 4th grade math with the help of mom and dad.  The 3 days a week he was here I decided "not to go there".  I'm notoriously horrible at anything with numbers.  Only thing worse than getting wrong answers is learning the wrong way on how you go about getting them.

Bryce is in first grade.  Poor grandpa.  His last grandchild is now telling him he's "not funny" and "stop singing, you're hurting my ears". LOL

Good thing she at least tells him she still loves him.  

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