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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Birds of a feather

Last week had been roiling up inside of me for a very long time.
In my slightly less dusty and rusty writer's mind, I decided to do some serious journalistic work.
My idea was to do an article on women just like me, women who had gone through a major career change after age 40. What steps and plans they took. Were their friends and families supportive. Afterwards, were they pleased with what they had accomplished and why?
So I went on the message boards of several e-mags and asked if anyone out there in cyber-space would volunteer their stories. Brave and wonderful souls these women. Let's face it they didn't know me or my intentions, but they gamely jumped in, with both feet. Okay, one was actually a close friend from the time we were 6, but she put her story in my hands along with 2 others. I thank them profusely for their support.
What was unexpected was that the other two ladies had also been journalists at some point in their lives!
When I was through with the first of several drafts, I asked several cyberspace editors to indulge me and read my work. Not one said "no" and all were more than happy to do what they could to encourage my endeavor.
In my younger days, I don't think this would have happened. Truly. We would have thought of one another as competition. Many of the women in my college courses may have even looked for ways to either sabotage my efforts or worse-take the idea and claim it as their own.
Fortunately, the women I have "met" on-line have a wonderful camaraderie about each other.
We encourage ourselves to keep writing, suggest websites for research materials, help to edit and give suggestions on how to tighten and refine our work.
Writing is a solitary, even lonely job. One, that only those who are involved in its pursuit, understand. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling I get when the last draft is complete and I am almost pleased with the result (is there a writer out there that doesn't think that whatever they've written can't be somehow improved?), but it's hard work.
A now long removed acquaintance once asked me what was so difficult about writing? In his mind, all I did was sit down, type a few lines and voila! An article was born.
To describe how "easy" writing was to this man, I told him I agreed, writing is quite easy. All one had to do was sit down at their desk, put the paper in the typewriter (I know I just aged myself several decades) and then open a vein and let it bleed onto the onionskin. When nothing more dripped out and one was "dry", then and only then would they know their article/book was ready for publication/airing. I had also likened the event to giving birth-Painful beyond all reason, but that when the baby came, you forgot all of the labor and could only rejoice at the outcome.
He never did get it. Thought it was one of my sarcastic jokes.
Thankfully, my cyber-writer friends do. They are there for the "coaching", the labor and then the delivery. Plus, as an added bonus, they too are joyous at the outcome.
And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Carine, I think it's wonderful that you are using blogging as an opportunity to reinvigorate your chosen course of study. Imagine! Here you are published (yeah, sort of) and we get to know you better through this medium. Well..we get to know what gets you ticking anyway.
I've enjoyed reading what you have shared with us here. I can't comment on anyones writing. I'm a mere (currently unemployed) accountant and don't have to write but only the material facts, Maam! I haven't found it necessary to reinvent myself just yet. I just pull out those sides of my personality that fit a specific occasion and see where it takes me. That's probably not a very good plan but it's all I've needed so far.
Blog on, on!
sooz, thank you for "tuning" in! I would love to be able to have the ability you have w/ numbers! I've always wished I could figure out finances. goes to show, everyone always wants to be able to do something other than the inborn talents!
Excellent Carine! I love that you wrote about this topic...and I am proud of you. As I said, you have a great voice and good instincts! Go for it!

Ciao bella...and I hope the news is good about your daughter!
Thank you Teri! Daughter just came back from the dr's w/ hubby. she had the same blankety-blank I had 22 1/2 years ago when I had problems w/ her brother. Our dr. was sick!!!
now she's upset, but okay, just on bedrest.
Hi, Carine!
This is Lisa, from the "More" message board! I came to check out your blog.

I would love to check out the stories of the women who changed careers later on in life. I am currently an activities coach for developmentally disabled adults. One of the perks of my job, besides the joy of helping others, is that they will send me back to college after I'm employed for a full year, which will be this December (although I worked for this company 6 years ago, I had to leave when the workday changed from 9-3:15 to 8-2:15...I still had kids in elementary school, and I couldn't work it out without having to spend half of my small salary on early-morning childcare). The first course you are required to take is a creative writing course, believe it or not. It makes sense, because at the end of the day, we have to write outcomes in each of our consumer's community books. This can be very time consuming, and it has to be descriptive and thorough. I am looking forward to starting school in January! I love to write, and I was blessed with the talent to draw. I would like to combine the two eventually! Now all I need is the confidence to take it where it needs to go, lol!!

Take good care,
thank you for reading and enjoying Lisa! Visit often! And go for your dreams, even if you do enough to only boost yourself that's quite an achievement! After all, we're #1 in our lives.
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